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The process of carrying cargo loads has never been easier with our wide variety of air cargo casters.  These casters are expertly designed for inverted applications and easy installation and replacement in the field.  Our high quality air cargo casters provide the best solution to meet your needs for cargo containers and other cargo applications. The ease of use and safety advantages of air cargo casters is what makes them attractive for solutions.  They are specialized for challenging tasks and applications.  Displaying great maneuverability, the air cargo casters make navigating loads much easier for the user.  You will be able to move more cargo with less effort with our air cargo casters. These casters include precision bearing swivel sections and thread guards’ standard for longer life. In addition, the presence of fully sealed raceways for low maintenance and protection of the swivel head in outdoor environments, makes these air cargo caster wheels some of the best in the market. With the suggested temperature range between 20F to + 180F, these feature standard corrosive-resistant zinc dichromate finish.

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