Best Casters for Dirt

Casters have an extensive assortment of uses. The wide range of applications of casters means there are an equally extensive array of caster wheel options available. The materials, size, style, and make of casters can make a huge difference in their ease of use, efficiency, and overall benefits when used in specific environments.

One challenging environment to use casters are outdoor terrains — specifically dirt and gravel. The type of casters commonly used in warehouses and logistics facilities are often not up to par for dirt or gravel use. As such, choosing the best caster for use in dirt and similar outdoor terrain is particularly important.

Learn what to look for to get the best casters for dirt today with LINCO.

Caster Requirements in Order To Be Useful in Dirt

Dirt and other outdoor environments are not only less predictable than indoor conditions but also often harsher. Due to this, there are generally more requirements or key factors to consider when buying the casters for dirt use.

These include:

  • Wheel material: For industrial outdoor jobs — like in construction — that require the casters to travel over uneven surfaces, it is best to get casters whose wheels are properly protected to ensure a smooth operation. Rather than plain metal, it is generally better to buy casters with thermoplastic rubber, elastic rubber, or polyurethane wheels.
  • Moisture resistance: Equipment and casters used outdoors not only need to be used under different weather conditions but should also be left outside safely without any worries about corrosion or rust. This is why stainless steel or polyurethane is a common material among the best casters for dirt.
  • Impact resistance and vibration dampening: Uneven dirt surfaces mean increased vibrations thanks to near constant jolts and jars. Softer wheel materials can help soften such impact and dampen vibrations. It may also help provide a smoother roll, despite any debris. This is why pneumatic caster wheels are widely used on dirt surfaces.

Surface Considerations for the Best Caster Wheels for Dirt

The main difference between working indoors and outdoors is the surface condition. Outdoor surfaces aren’t created equal. Even dirt surfaces can have either hard or soft surfaces. That’s why it’s crucial to know what type of dirt surface the casters will be used in first.

Knowing what kind of environment the casters for dirt may be used in, as well as the specific application, goes a long way towards choosing the best possible casters.

For Soft Outdoor Surfaces

When it comes to soft outdoor surfaces like wet soil, sand, clay, or grass, it is generally better to get casters with pneumatic wheels. Pneumatic wheels have a light footprint. This prevents casters from sinking deeply into the soft dirt and causing ruts.

These types of casters would perform well in transporting both light loads, like for wheeled golf bags, and heavy loads, such as for outdoor open air concert venues or hauling jet skis and other small watercraft.

For Hard Outdoor Surfaces

While pneumatic caster wheels can also work well on hard outdoor surfaces like hard-packed soil, stone, or rough concrete, there is still a much better option. In general, polyurethane and phenolic casters are considered much more desirable.

Polyurethane casters offer a smooth roll on rougher surfaces, thanks to the give on the softer wheel material. Meanwhile, phenolic casters are great for smoother outdoor surfaces but can still withstand impact well.

Best Casters for Dirt on LINCO

LINCO carries a variety of superior-quality casters perfect for dirt use, both under our LINCO brand and from other trusted caster manufacturers. Below are four of our best caster wheels for dirt:

There’s plenty more high-quality casters for use in dirt on the LINCO online shop. If you’re having trouble choosing the best caster wheels for dirt, you can call us at 866-306-9566 for more assistance or Contact Us.