Best Casters for Uneven Floors

Are you looking for the best casters for uneven flooring to help you move heavy items and delicate goods? Casters are inevitable pieces of equipment in most industries. They allow heavy loads to easily glide across the floor when moving from one place to another. However, if you get a caster that isn’t appropriate for your specific situation, it can cause more problems than it solves.

Selecting the correct casters for an application and flooring type can mean the difference between an easy and smooth rolling experience and complete frustration. Casters that aren’t matched to the surface on which they’re used can cause damage and injury.

Hence, if you have uneven floors and are wondering which are the best casters to use, this article can help. We’ll discuss relevant information about finding the best casters for uneven flooring. Let’s dig in!

Casters: Special Requirements for Uneven Flooring

Knowing which casters are perfect for uneven floors will save you time and money and give you peace of mind. To help you figure out the best casters for uneven flooring, here are some factors to consider:


When moving heavy items across an uneven surface, you want to ensure the casters on your dolly can support their weight. The best way to do this is by confirming that your caster has a high load capacity. Generally, the higher the load capacity, the more weight it can handle. If the casters aren’t capable of supporting the weight of your product, then they will break or bend under the load and cause damage to your goods.


The best casters for uneven floors are made of rubber. This makes them durable enough to hold up heavy loads. Unlike plastics, they provide reliable support and smooth mobility on uneven floors. Plus, they’re designed to withstand rough treatment for years.


While casters come in various sizes, there are specific sizes for uneven surfaces. For uneven floors, you’ll want to choose between 6 and 10 inches in diameter. The larger the diameter, the more stable it will be on uneven surfaces. If you want your loads to move smoothly, you need large wheels that will roll over bumps and cracks without getting stuck.

Swivel vs Rigid Casters

There are two types of casters: swivel and rigid. Swivel casters allow you to turn in any direction with ease; rigid casters only allow movement in one direction (forward and backward). However, swivel casters are ideal for uneven floors because they can help you maneuver easily and provide an even distribution of pressure, which provides better stability.

Non-skid Casters

Another consideration to keep in mind is whether the caster base is non-skid with a wider base or a ball-bearing design. These kinds of casters will provide the grip needed to keep you stable while allowing easy movement across uneven floors. Also, they help prevent the caster from slipping when it encounters an incline or decline in the floor surface.

What Are the Best Casters for Uneven Flooring?

You’ll find that the list below is helpful in choosing the perfect casters for your specific application. Let’s take a look:

LINCO Pneumatic Swivel Caster 10″

Designed to handle the toughest tasks, the LINCO Pneumatic Swivel Caster 10″ is perfect for keeping dollies, carts, and wagons running smoothly. The patented pneumatic tread provides a smooth and reliable caster while the rubber casing ensures durability and noise reduction when rolling around.

Flat Free Swivel Caster 8″

One of the best casters for uneven floors is the Flat Free Swivel Caster 8″. These rugged heavy-duty swivel casters offer a smooth roll while protecting surfaces and products from damage and providing added stability. You can save time and energy with these reliable casters that easily glide across uneven terrain. They’re surface-safe wheels that won’t scratch your floors or leave traces on their path.

Colson Performa Round Swivel Top Plate Caster 6″

Do you need casters that can hold up to 450 pounds capacity? Look no other than the Colson Performa Round Swivel Top Plate Caster 6″! Their heavy-duty design makes them at home on rough terrain or even smooth floors. Besides, their multi-segment construction prevents long-term fatigue, even under heavier loads.

Shop the Best Casters for Uneven Floors

Your business demands the ultimate casters, and so do your floors. When you need the best casters for uneven flooring, you can browse our collection at LINCO Casters and Industrial Supply or give us a call. We provide superior product offerings, quick delivery, and uncompromising customer service to our clients.