Best Industrial Hand Trucks for Stairs

Hand trucks are underrated pieces of equipment that contribute a lot to the production floor. For things that can’t be moved using conveyor belts or large forklifts, these simple machines become the go-to solution. It’s a common and versatile material-handling tool for a variety of tasks, so you’ll want the best one for maximum efficiency.

So, what makes a hand truck a reliable tool for material handling, especially when stairs are involved? At LINCO, we want to share with you what to look for in industrial hand trucks. We’ll discuss some top qualities that make operations easier and your investment worth it.

What Does a Hand Truck Do?

There’s a lot of confusion about what a hand truck is. Many people lump them together with dollies, but these two have different characteristics and functions. A hand truck has an L-shaped design and usually only has two wheels. If it’s the stair climbing type, you might find more, but these wheels are found in only two areas.

Dollies, on the other hand, have four wheels. They also have a larger base, but the L-design remains a common characteristic. You’ll also need to lift items onto the dolly, unlike the sliding mechanism of hand trucks.

What Makes a Good Hand Truck for Stairs?

Not all hand trucks are created equal. Some have additional features that make them the best industrial hand trucks. One of these is stair climbing. So, if your industry requires movement on stairs, then you might want to consider the following characteristics before purchasing your next batch.

1. Stair-Climbing Features

Obviously, you’ll want a hand truck with stair-climbing features if your operations involve lots of stairs. But, there’s nuance to this, as hand trucks have either manual or electronic/hydraulic stair-climbing features. Manual hand trucks usually have additional wheels that you can use as the fulcrum. Others have more advanced mechanized parts that relieve you from the effort of manual lifting.

2. Ergonomics

It’s essential for hand trucks to be designed for easy and comfortable operation. A hand truck with good ergonomics will allow for more efficient and safe work, especially if it involves moving heavy or fragile objects across inclined planes like stairs. In addition, employees will feel less fatigue with an ergonomic hand truck, even after hours of work.

3. Durability

Since hand trucks will be carrying heavy loads, they need to be made of premium materials. This is essential in industrial settings where hand trucks are used for heavy-duty work almost constantly. So, choose products made of metals like aluminum or stainless steel. These are also lightweight for maximum maneuverability.

4. Tire Quality

Tire quality is often neglected when companies choose their next batch of equipment. But, it’s equally important as the body of the hand truck. With a good set of tires, the hand truck will have a better grip on the floor. This helps improve mobility and stability, especially on stairs as well as slippery and wet surfaces.

5. Overall Design

The size, length, and shape of the hand truck matter. Some are too tall or too small for handling specific types of items. Others have poor designs that make them difficult to stack and store inside trucks or storage facilities. So, choose ones that suit your needs, whether you’re making big deliveries or moving fragile products along stairs.

LINCO’s Hand Trucks: The Best Option for Industrial Operations

LINCO is an established company that’s been around for decades. We’re an authority in casters and other industrial supplies, manufacturing high-quality equipment for various industries and uses. One of our popular offerings is our hand trucks, and they are the best industrial hand trucks for stairs.

These items are made using premium materials and designed with functionality in mind. We have hand trucks for lightweight and heavy-duty use, made with aluminum or steel for durability and longevity. And, as specialists in casters and wheels, we’ve made sure that the tire quality of our hand trucks is of exceptional quality. We also offer a complete set of accessories that you can easily integrate into your hand trucks.

For added convenience, most of our hand trucks can be easily broken down and reassembled. This is a great feature for those always on the go.

Some of our popular hand trucks include:

Dutro 1293 Steel Appliance Handtruck W/ Ratchet Strap

LINCO Aluminium Convertible Hand Truck - 2 in 1

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