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Don’t Underestimate a Rigid Caster

When choosing casters, most people opt for swivel plates for their flexibility. However, many benefits come with choosing rigid casters. In some cases, you’re better off using a rigid caster for your needs. Let’s look at their features and the benefits they can provide:

What Is a Rigid Caster?

A rigid caster is a fixed wheel where the top blade and stem are a single molded piece. It is the opposite of a swivel caster, with its separated mounting and top plate to give it more rotation. The top plate of a rigid caster is square with four small holes for you to attach to any items using screws. You can screw it onto the appliance, and it can stay as a permanent fixture.

Because of its rigid design, the top plate does not move, meaning that it won’t rotate as easily as a swivel caster. This rigidity is also one of its best features.

The Benefits of Using a Rigid Caster

One of the main reasons you’d want to use a rigid caster is for stability. Because of its fixed design, you’ll find that it doesn’t move unless you want it to. There is less risk of accidents happening due to caster wheels moving when no one is looking.

A rigid caster is harder to move around than a swivel caster, but it’s also easier to control. If you’re only planning short trips with items, like moving them across a few locations, then you won’t have a problem with a rigid caster. You can use them in warehouses, for medical equipment, office equipment, and more.

A rigid caster is also more affordable than other types of casters. Manufacturing one uses fewer materials. It also doesn’t need much maintenance as you’ll only need to lubricate it if it isn’t moving the way it should.

Because of its lower price, it’s easy to buy and replace any old or damaged rigid casters. You will not have the same freedom when using other expensive casters.

Rigid casters also have a higher weight capacity. Some casters can lift 100 tons at most, while other casters don’t have this capability.


Of course, there are some challenges associated with rigid casters. As mentioned earlier, they are harder to move aside from in a straight line. Because of their design, you cannot steer them. It means you have to line up the item first.

There’s also a specific use for rigid casters. For example, you can use rigid casters on large shelves you move around in your warehouse or library. You can also use them to transport heavy medical equipment across a larger room.

Combining Rigid Casters With Other Casters

One way to take advantage of a rigid caster’s features without sacrificing maneuverability is to combine them with other casters. For example, you can use two rigid casters and two swivel casters for transporting items. That way, you have more control and added protection from the rigid casters. You don’t sacrifice maneuverability with the swivel casters as the front wheels of your item.

By doing this, you’ll still have to exert a bit of effort to move your items in sharp curves, but it will be much easier to control. What happens with four swivel casters is that it’s hard to keep the object stable and in a fixed direction.

Other Considerations

When buying a rigid caster, you’ll have to consider the material and size. Consider getting a caster that can work on heavier loads if you’re planning to transport items consistently. Choose a material that can work better on your flooring. Here are some other things you have to think about before buying:

●How often do you want to move your items?

●Where will you move the items? Indoor or outdoor?

●How much space do you have?

●How heavy are the items that the casters will support?

Nearly every industry uses casters because of their versatility and utility. You’ll find them used in medical facilities, restaurants, hotels, electronics, and more.

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