Getting Around with Metal Casters

Metal casters can make a difference in the way you move around. They improve security and can move heavy objects safely both in a free rolling capacity and rolling along a set of tracks. These casters are typically made of hardened steel, stainless steel, or cast iron. Additionally, they can have a v-shaped groove down the center designed to roll on a track or rail. When used on a track, this groove prevents the wheel from slipping off course.

Metal casters are also great for moving heavy objects. They’re really versatile due to the fact that they can turn in every direction, plus move in any given direction by simply pushing or pulling.

Where Are the Common Uses of Metal Casters?

Metal casters come in two main configurations, flat wheels or v-grooved wheels. “V groove” means that the wheel has a V-shaped channel on the periphery of its tread designed for tracks. Metal casters are used on furniture, appliances, and other various structures with wheels on them to make them secure to move around without the user having to lift heavy items.

Here are some common examples of where you would see metal casters being used:


Metal casters are very common in manufacturing settings because they offer a high level of stability and durability. They allow for securing the movement of heavy items that would otherwise be difficult to move. V-grooved metal casters are especially helpful in factories and other industrial settings where there is a lot of machinery and equipment that needs to be moved safely. This is a great time-saving feature, especially if you have a large company with a lot of equipment to move around.


Metal casters are also very common in warehouses where the movement of heavy items is much more frequent. The workers move things around when they need to be relocated or reshipped out for use by other customers. Metal casters are also used to move around various items that need to go from one place to the next many times throughout the day. These items could include heavy crates of products going in and out of storage areas or even large pieces of machinery.

Distribution Centers

In distribution centers, metal casters are often used on a variety of moving objects. From pallets to machinery, metal casters are sure to be used in the majority of distribution centers. V-grooved metal casters are used often if there is any sort of assembly line in the distribution center. Their ability to keep heavy objects on a track is crucial to increasing efficiency.

Lumber Yards

Metal casters are all over lumber yards. With exposure to harsh elements and having to withstand the extreme weight of large trees, metal casters are the caster of choice. Ensuring the efficient and safe transport of lumber throughout the manufacturing process, metal casters can withstand the tough conditions for years.


In supplier settings, casters are often used to move heavy boxes of products from one place to the next so they can be distributed or moved to another room. Large and bulky items can also be moved around safely with a set of a track using v-groove casters. Suppliers who deliver large items such as appliances or furniture will often use these metal casters to move their deliveries from the truck into a warehouse or business location.


We know that every industry is different, which is why we offer a variety of caster types for all kinds of applications, whether it’s heavy-duty or lightweight. Our casters are made with high-quality materials and are perfect for any application where there is high volume traffic, such as manufacturing and distribution. With our unique design featuring an extra deep groove on each wheel, they can handle more weight than standard castors. This means they provide security, stability, and safety at all times.

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