How Aluminum and Steel Handtrucks Compare Against Each Other

How Aluminum and Steel Handtrucks Compare Against Each Other

Hand trucks provide an economical solution for moving objects from one place to another. They are typically used in warehouse and industrial settings and have been found to be reliable, versatile, and built to last.

They have a simple construction and come in a variety of designs and materials. However, depending on the type of job at hand, in most cases, you can either go with aluminum or steel hand trucks. Both of these materials have their fair share of pros and cons and incorporate a variety of qualities to the hand trucks.

We will go over all the different aspects there are to know about in this aluminum vs steel hand truck comparison. So, let’s discuss.

Aluminum Vs Steel Handtrucks - A Comparison

It can be said that aluminum and steel are metals that look very similar, but are very different when it comes to properties.

Advantages of Aluminum Hand Trucks


Probably, the biggest advantage aluminum hand trucks have over steel is the fact that they weigh as much as 25% less than a similar model steel hand truck. This results in easier maneuverability by the operator. They are especially useful on uneven flooring where the operator needs to lift the hand truck off the ground.

Increased Productivity

Being lightweight, aluminum hand trucks reduce the effort of labor and this results in increased efficiency. This is because you have a motivated and less fatigued driver and less time is consumed when using an aluminum hand truck.

Reduced Risk of Injury

Aluminum hand trucks help in finishing projects in less time and less energy. This results in a reduced number of work-related injuries. This helps companies save on injuries, insurance, and downtime in the long run.