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How to Level Up Your Production Company with a Studio Cart

Imagine being ready to tell a story as it has never been told before. You aren’t just ready to push your creativity’s limits but also your body’s strengths when necessary. When things aren’t where they should be when they have to be, however, you may start to get stressed.

A production outfit has a lot of moving parts. From large equipment to smaller props, all of these have to be transported from location to location as the filming progresses. It is necessary to hire people to be in charge of moving tools and equipment.

Considering the sensitivity of many of these items, we recommend equipping your departments with studio carts that are sturdy, reliable, and versatile. Let’s take a look at how many of your production departments will benefit from having at least one accessible studio cart.

Camera and Sound Department

The camera and sound teams have some of the largest equipment in the crew and will need a lot of assistance when moving to another film location. While most cameras and sound equipment are mounted on tripods or have their own carriers, any supplementary items will require their own equipment cart.

A team with large items and accessories will benefit from a studio cart that can easily be converted from a platform truck to a stocking cart.

Electric Department

The gaffer, his assistant, the generator operator, and the rest of the team need equipment and tools to be moved from one room to another to create the needed lighting as envisioned by the production designer.

An equipment cart allows them to quickly access the other crew members that need electrical assistance, such as the camera and sound operators. Because the demands on the electric department are high during the actual filming, several studio carts containing their tools and supplies facilitate quick responses to urgent requests.

Art Department

The art department sets the mood for the scene through its production design and props. In most cases, furniture and other props do not have to be transferred once they are in place. However, getting them from the suppliers or the workshop requires lightweight but heavy-duty studio carts for frequent trips.

The B&P Junior Studio Cart can hold up to 200 pounds while remaining versatile with its optional shelves.

Wardrobe Department

The wardrobe team has to keep up with several costume changes in a single filming location. A studio cart that can keep the wardrobe organized and ready as the production requires will prevent incorrect wardrobe choice for the scene and other costume fails.

Costumes can be organized according to scene or per actor, so several studio carts are necessary. B&P Senior Studio Cart has a heavy-duty wheel kit for carrying and storing sets of clothes and shoes.

Hair and Makeup Department

Some makeup teams carry their tools and supplies in bags and toolboxes for easier movement. But, if the production is already in progress, makeup and hairstyling tools are best laid out in a two-shelf studio cart for faster access for minor touch-ups.

Similarly, the special effects makeup artist should also have quick access to his/her tools and supplies as he/she attaches prosthetics and other bodily makeup to support the actor’s more realistic portrayal of the role.

Catering Department

The catering team generally sets up away from the filming areas, and the production staff and crew just come over during breaks. During extended filming and to maximize their hours, however, some of those at the site will just have their food delivered by the catering team using their equipment carts.

LINCO’s lightweight and powder-coated studio carts are tarnish-resistant, making them perfect for carrying food trays and refreshments.

Stunts Department

The stunt team likewise works with tools, equipment, and props that have to be organized, monitored, stored, and transported in their own equipment carts.

Aside from the stunt coordinators and performers, another member of the team who could use quick and efficient equipment movement is the medic. While all his/her essentials are stored in a bag, other life-saving tools and equipment can be carried using versatile studio carts that can be modified into medical carts.

In Summary

A large part of production is focused on the artistry and craftsmanship of the performers, creative team, and crew. This is understandable, as long as the production tools and equipment are never neglected.

Keep all of your production needs accessible, protected, and organized by using LINCO’s lightweight and durable studio carts. Take a look at your options and see how they can make your film company more productive. Call our toll-free hotline today at 866-306-9566 or visit our website to place your order. Please reach out and contact us if you have questions about studio carts.