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How To Use a Pallet Jack Correctly

Pallet jacks, also called pallet trucks, are crucial tools in handling and transporting heavy loads. Without them, some repetitive tasks become tedious and accident-prone. Many business owners instantly think of forklifts when discussing handling equipment, but pallet jacks are more affordable and easier to operate.

Pallet trucks are ideal for businesses that don’t have the space or the budget for multiple forklifts. They can effortlessly transport substantial loads in short distances. However, using them correctly is essential to achieve desired results. Read on to learn more about using manual and electric pallet jacks correctly.

Operating Manual Pallet Jacks

A manual pallet jack is an affordable handling machine with minimal maintenance. It is ideal for small to mid-sized warehouses and building sites. Using one requires four steps.

Finding the Release Lever

The release lever enables the fork of the pallet truck to drop down and move underneath loads for pick up. Manufacturers usually place these plastic levers on the middle bar of the metal steering handle. The levers on our top-quality pallet jacks are the same color as the steering handle, but they’re still easily visible.

Moving the Pallet Jack

To move a manual pallet jack, push or pull it towards the palletized container you want to move. Next, press the release lever inward to lower the fork. Afterward, drop it to an estimated one inch off the ground. Once you release the base, moving the lever will not bring it back up.

Lifting Loads

After lowering the fork, you can slide the pallet jack under the container you need to move. If the pallet truck is still too high to fit under the crate, you can press the release lever to lower it further. Ideally, the wheels should be resting on the floor and not anywhere on the pallet jack.

Transporting Loads

After positioning the fork of the pallet jack underneath the crate to be lifted, pull the metal bar containing the steering handle toward you. Repeat this process until the palletized container does not drag onto the floor as you move it. There should be some resistance as you lift the load away from the floor.

Operating Electric Pallet Jacks

An electric pallet jack provides more convenience than its manual counterpart. Our superior electric pallet jacks eliminate the manual lifting of palletized containers. All our machines have the same components: directional and speed controls, lift and lower buttons, a fork, a battery, a horn, wheels, brakes.

Storing the Cord

LINCO electric pallet jacks operate using a rechargeable mechanism. Before using one, unplug it and store the cord inside the machine. After using one, it’s also essential to plug and charge it as needed. Our pallet jacks have a visible area on the side for storing the cord.

Using the Controls

Like with a manual pallet truck, the controls of an automatic one are on the steering handle. The switches are easy to understand; for example, the down button lowers the fork toward the floor. However, all our machines come with a user’s manual for those who prefer reading detailed instructions before use.

Lifting Loads

Electric pallet jacks work the same way as manual ones but with buttons instead of levers and handles. Once you move an electric pallet jack towards the designated crate, use the down button to lower its fork. Afterward, press the up button to lift the palletized container off the ground.

Transporting Loads

Once you secure your palletized container, use the control buttons to move it. You can control directions, adjust speeds, and drop containers using the designated buttons. Please read the user’s manual for more information on any of our pallet jacks.

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