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How to Use an Appliance Hand Truck Safely

Appliance hand trucks help you handle large and bulky items. You can use it to transport refrigerators, washing machines, stoves, and other heavy appliances. It has several distinct features that separate it from regular hand trucks. It’s the item to use if you are on the move.

However, there is a proper way to use an appliance hand truck. Following these steps will help you avoid injury to yourself and damage to your appliances.

1. Clear the Path

Before putting the appliance on the hand truck, you need to check the pathway you’ll pass through. Remove any debris and obstacles that could hamper your movement. You should also check the width of doors relative to the appliance you’re handling. You may need to remove handles and other accessories from the appliance before the move.

2. Have a Spotter

While the hand truck helps transport heavy items easier, it still takes some effort to transport them. Having a second set of hands and eyes will help you avoid injury if you find that the load’s weight is still too heavy to tilt or move. They can also help support you on uneven or awkward terrain. You can also split the hand truck’s use between the two of you to make the work easier.

3. Load the Appliance

Make sure to orient the hand truck at the side of the appliance. If the back or front part of the appliance leans onto the hand truck, it could cause mechanical damage. Tilt the appliance back so that you can slide the dolly underneath. It should sit on the soft rubber-like material to reduce the chances of any scratches.

You can have the second person help you with tilting and loading. Make sure to use your legs to lessen the load on your back, protecting you from injury. After you’ve placed the appliance, use the strap to secure it. Appliance hand trucks have stronger straps that help the object sit still during movement.

4. Transport

The appliance dolly will have a belt handle you can crank or turn. Tighten it to secure the appliance further. With the help of your spotter, balance the weight of the load as you slowly tilt it backward. Before your spotter lets go, check if the weight is comfortable for you to lift. Avoid adding any more items if it’s already enough weight.

Once secure and tilted back, start slowly walking. Have your spotter with you to help you with upward and downward movement. If you find that the appliance is slipping, stop. Tilt the hand truck back to its initial position and readjust the straps.

LINCO Sells Appliance Hand Trucks

LINCO offers a range of appliance hand trucks. These L-shaped heavy-duty hand trucks can carry weights up to around 600 to 800 pounds. It has rub rails to protect the items you are transporting from dings and scratches. Its straps are secure and strong, unlike the bungee cords you see with other hand trucks.

When using an appliance hand truck, make sure that you also have other items to help you on the move. Moving blankets and loading ramps help protect your items and reduce the workload significantly. Once you get the hang of it, using the appliance hand truck will get easier. You’ll find that it’s the best way to transport appliances and other large items.