Is Your Warehouse Following Safety Protocols?

There are some times when it seems like there are too many health and safety regulations to handle. Putting off the cleaning schedule required by law or skipping a routine inspection of equipment might not seem that important at the time, but it can lead to significant issues in the future.

It's important to invest time and money into establishing a good safety culture for your business, clients, and employees.

Lower and upper management must address employee safety as one of their biggest concerns and issues on a day-to-day basis. In an industrial or commercial facility, safety equipment that can ensure the safety of workers and visitors is an important addition. There are a variety of industrial safety supplies available from LINCO to help you address any safety concerns. Our industrial safety product line includes safety barriers that can be employed to mark off high-hazard zones that are temporarily or permanently in use.

Hand Protection

Workers' hands are at the greatest risk of injury in any industrial or commercial setting. It is vital to protect the hands of those whose livelihood depends on working with them. LINCO offers a range of hand protection gloves. Maxiflex gloves offer you flexibility without causing your hands to overheat. They work best in dry environments and provide a high level of hand protection. Hand protection gloves that are breathable are also essential in warm and hot weather since they reduce hand sweat inside of gloves, which can be uncomfortable and negatively impact your grip.

Curb Ramps

There are unique challenges that come with every delivery. One of the more difficult and common challenges when using a hand truck to move heavy loads is negotiating curbs and other raised levels. LINCO's curb ramps will help you manage these little inconveniences along the delivery path. All of our curb ramps are made of aluminum for strength and lightweight. This allows them to be picked up and stored with ease. Depending on the model, we offer treaded or hole-punched ramps. In addition to providing non-slip surfaces, our treaded design also makes it easier for hand trucks to travel.

Column & Rack Protection

The protection of employees, shelving, equipment, and products is a concern in many warehouses and industrial facilities. Linco offers column protectors for almost any type of equipment protection or rack protection requirement. Rack posts, or similar objects, can be protected with column guards that wrap around part of the whole post. As a result of these pallet rack guards, collisions with pallets that are in motion or forklifts with rogue intentions are reduced, thus preventing a collapse of the rack and/or damage to your equipment. Protective columns offer an important level of safety to your employees by preventing products from rolling onto them.

Signs & Banners

Industrial signs are a simple, cost-effective, and highly effective safety tool for hazardous work zones. These signs and banners effectively alert workers and civilians of the potential hazards that they may encounter, where a work zone is located, and what areas to avoid. You can count on LINCO to supply you with a wide variety of industrial safety banners and warehouse safety banners. We offer magnetic wall mounts as an option for our industrial signs. The nice thing about magnetic wall-mounted warehouse signs is that they can easily affix to and come off of any metal or magnet surface, so they are a temporary yet effective way to warn others of hazardous working conditions.


In general, safety procedures can benefit a business in many ways. Additionally to safeguarding employees and customers, safety protocols are useful for certification, preventing legal liability claims, and motivating employees.

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