Largest Casters Ever Made

When we think of casters, we usually picture small ones no bigger than three inches. This is common for light-duty casters like the ones used for office chairs, work tables, and some carts or hand trucks. Most solutions for industrial businesses are medium-duty casters and heavy duty casters.

Not all casters are around that size range, though. There are also extra heavy-duty casters, which include some of the largest casters ever made. These caster wheels can have load ratings of up to 40,000 lbs.

Below are some of the biggest caster wheel sizes available in the market.

The Colossus Caster

Starting with the known largest casters ever made is one aptly christened as “Colossus.” This amazing feat of engineering is made by Hamilton, one of the leading manufacturers of heavy-duty industrial casters.

The Colossus stands at 52 inches or over four feet tall above the floor. Each wheel has a diameter of 36 inches, including the extreme-duty press-on tires attached. It was a specially designed and custom built caster for an undisclosed federal contractor.

Its weight clocks in at an excess of 8,000 lbs, which also makes it one of the heaviest casters ever. As the biggest caster made, the Colossus also has an excessively high payload capacity of 200 tons.

The Colossus casters are used in a group of four casters, with each one capable of taking on 100,000 lbs in weight or load. The caster required the use of a 6,000-pound forklift, 30-ton crane, and thick, heavy 3/8th-inch chain to transport it from the manufacturer’s factory to the client.

Its size and load capacity are not the only notable features of the Colossus. This massive caster also has a foot-operated braking system, spring-loaded suspension system for shock absorption, and an eight-position swivel lock which gives it directional control.

28-inch to 36-inch Casters

The next biggest casters mentioned in this list pale in comparison to the size and features of the Colossus. The closest caster in terms of diameter are those measuring 36 inches across.

Hamilton, the manufacturer of Colossus, notably offers such casters. However, these only have an overall height of a little over 41 inches and weigh between 1,650 to 1,920 lbs. In terms of load bearing capacity, these 36-inch casters can take on 35,000 to 40,000 lbs in weight, which is less than half of what the Colossus can carry.

Meanwhile, 28-inch casters can generally carry from 20,000 lbs up to even 40,000. This depends on the construction and how many caster wheels are installed on the equipment.

18-inch to 22-inch Casters

The next size range for heavy duty casters is only about half of the largest caster ever made. Casters measuring between 18 to 22 inches are available from several manufacturers even without any need for special orders or custom builds.

Caster wheels that are 18 to 22 inches in diameter can carry weights between 21,000 lbs and 40,000 lbs. These extra heavy-duty casters can come in different types, from swivel to fixed casters and single wheel to dual wheel models.

14-inch to 16-inch Casters

Caster wheels that are 14 to 16 inches in diameter are ideal for business, manufacturers, and other industrial companies looking for extra-heavy duty casters while preserving their low profile. Casters in this size can be used in double-wheel models to further increase their maximum load capacity.

Doing so can also improve its stability and ease of use or rolling. These sizes of casters can be used for moving heavy loads at speeds of up to 10 miles per hour.

12-inch Casters

Casters measuring 12 inches in diameter are often the biggest caster size widely available online and from manufacturers. The LINCO online store carries two types of casters in this size. These industrial caster wheels are available in different types.

Some are made purely from metal or cast iron while others are similar to their smaller (and biggest) counterparts, having a protective material covering them. Depending on the type of the caster, its total height can be around 13 inches and go up to 17 inches.

Finding the Biggest and Best Caster

The biggest caster available may look impressive, but size is not the sole indication of great features when it comes to casters. There are numerous casters that will never make it into any list of largest casters ever yet still perform incredibly well.  Also for most solutions, size does matter.  You want a caster that is going to solve the problem you are facing. 

Choosing the best casters for the job will depend on where and how it will be used, rather than just its overall size.  Here at LINCO, we are caster experts.  We can customize solution to fit your needs.

For any questions or inquiries on buying casters, call LINCO at our toll-free hotline, (866) 306-9566.