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When we think of tools and equipment that can boost workers’ speed and overall productivity, we often think of anything digital or computer-related. However, one piece of equipment that is considered essential for warehouses and a host of industries is not digital or high-tech at all.

The platform truck goes by many names — platform trolley, platform dolly, hand truck, and even warehouse trolley. Regardless of what you call them, platform trucks are indispensable in a variety of businesses and industries.

The Good: 3 Benefits of Platform Trucks

Platform trucks have a simple and easy-to-use design. The basic design is simply a flat, load-bearing platform on four casters or wheels and a handle on one end to push or pull the trolley.

Platform trucks are made for maneuvering heavy equipment and bulky items. They are often used in warehouses to move stock easily from one point to another.

Here are three key benefits of using platform trucks for your business:

1. Reduced Health and Accident Risks for Workers

Any job that calls for the handling of heavy and bulky items means there will likely be lifting, carrying, pulling, and pushing of said items required. These kinds of tasks come with a large amount of health and accident risks.

Lifting or pushing a heavy load wrongly can result in musculoskeletal injuries among workers. When this happens, businesses can suffer losses due to loss of manpower and paying out compensation claims.

Using a well-designed and well-chosen platform truck literally reduces the load on workers’ shoulders. It reduces the risk of muscle strain, back and shoulder injuries, sprains, and other health issues.

2. Better Workplace Productivity

Using platform trucks to carry heavy items not only helps prevent injury and accidents — it also makes the process much easier.

Platform trucks can take on more weight than what one or two people can carry by themselves. This means businesses can cut down the time it takes to transport goods within their building, warehouse, or office. Moreover, platform trucks are generally designed for single-person use.

Instead of multiple people working on the same task for a longer period, one person can get it done much faster. This frees up more personnel for other tasks and further raises productivity.

3. Light, Versatile, and Economical

A wide range of businesses and industries use platform trucks because of their versatile and economical nature.

Platform trucks are an affordable up-front purchase, especially when compared to electronic or hydraulic moving equipment. They offer value for money, particularly when considering how much using one improves worker efficiency and safety.

Due to its simple design and construction, a platform truck can be used to carry and transport almost anything. Although the design is simple, the materials used are extremely durable. Not only can a platform truck withstand heavy loads but it can also last for several years with proper upkeep.

The Hard: Making Platform Trucks Last

Since heavy-loading platform trucks are known to be durable, this causes some owners and employees to neglect proper upkeep. However, as with all other equipment and tools, proper care is necessary to ensure its longevity.

Here are some tips to avoid wearing out platform trucks too soon:

  • Use platform trucks with steel castors and plastic industrial wheels in humid workplaces or those that deal with aggressive chemicals.
  • Use larger wheels with an elastic coating for unpaved flooring.
  • Use rigid industrial wheels for smooth, resistant flooring.
  • Make sure to follow the recommended loading capacity for each platform dolly.

The Heavy: Industry Uses of Platform Trucks

Warehouses and shipping companies are not the only ones that use heavy-loading platform trucks on a regular basis. Here are other industries that use platform trucks:

  • Hospitality industry: Heavy-duty platform dollies are also used by employees to transport luggage, airplane food stock, and miscellaneous hotel equipment.
  • Catering industry: Caterers use platform trucks to carry the tables, chairs, food warmers, and other implements they may need for the event.
  • Food industry: Whether it's the workers delivering food or the restaurant receiving the goods, both parties often use platform trucks to make the transport and exchange easier.

Where To Buy a Reliable Platform Truck

Since a platform truck is an essential tool for many businesses, it is only right to invest in a reliable and durable product. It is important to source your platform truck from an authorized supplier or manufacturer.

LINCO is here for all your platform truck needs. Whether you need a stocking cart, a smooth top dolly, or a tread plate dolly, we can help you find the right one for you. Call our toll-free hotline today at 866-306-9566 or visit our website to place your order.Please reach out and contact us if you have questions about platform trucks.

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