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The Benefits of Polyurethane Wheels

Polyurethane is the ideal material to absorb shock while providing durability. It can withstand high speeds and heavier weights more than any other wheel material. It also reduces noises, so you can expect to use these wheels without any hassle for long periods. Polyurethane wheels provide the most benefits to those using them for transport.

The Composition of Polyurethane

You create polyurethane in a lab through the reaction of polyol and specific catalysts. Depending on the materials you use, it can result in different forms such as adhesives, foams, and more. You'll see one of the first polyurethane applications as a wheel in rollerblades. Before that, it was a replacement for rubber during World War II.

It was made possible due to the advancements by chemist Dr. Otto Bayer, the father of polyurethanes. During the 1960s, its common use was as a coating and adhesive. Later on, flexible versions opened the door for its applications in other fields thanks to the lower price points. Eventually, we have what we see now in furniture, casters, and automobiles.

Polyurethane Wheels Key Features

While polyurethane makes for unique applications, all come with some inherent qualities. These are the reasons why they are an ideal material for casters.

Noise Reduction

Polyurethane emits softer noises compared to metals. It won’t bother working spaces compared to materials like iron. Hearing loss is becoming an increasing concern in many businesses like industrial sites and logistics. Using polyurethane contributes positively to a safer auditory environment.

Floor Protection

It has enough flexibility to mitigate heavy loads to avoid any flooring damage. You can use it without having to worry about stressing the tile or concrete floor. A damaged floor will be expensive in the long run with constant replacements. Polyurethane spreads out weight evenly and at a large area to avoid concentrated wear.

Slip Resistance

Sliding is always a problem with wheels, especially metal ones. It can lead to accidents and reduces work efficiency. Polyurethane always has good traction, retaining friction throughout use. Because of this, you don’t have to use much force to make it move.


A combination of chemicals and elements can degrade many other wheels like rubber or metal. Polyurethane can withstand oil, salt, harsh chemicals, and more and works much better in dynamic situations such as in caster wheels.

Better Weight Capacity

You have all the benefits of rubber, but polyurethane can withstand more weight. It is better than rubber and doesn’t cause as much environmental damage to create. A higher capacity means a longer lifespan. It also means that you can get more done with polyurethane than other materials when transporting heavy items.

The Advantages of Using Polyurethane Wheels

Polyurethane is an easy-to-maintain material. It has durability that rivals other wheel materials like rubber or plastic. It’s easy to use as a wheel due to low resistance, and it's also inexpensive, as it’s easy to create the polymer in a lab. It's popular because it serves all of the advantages that other materials have to offer. Here are some of its many advantages:

●It’s more flexible than plastic. The flexibility is the reason for its durability, as it has an elastic memory. That property allows it to shrink and expand as needed.

●Due to being a chemically created product, the unique combinations you can create are almost limitless. You can modify its density and some of its characteristics to fit your preferences.

●Polyurethane is resistant to many elements like ultraviolet light, ozone, and oxygen.

●Polyurethane can withstand tears and cuts without altering its form and function.

●Polyurethane wears down at a slower rate than other materials, making it ideal for its longevity. With proper care, it will last longer than many other materials.

●It is highly resistant to chemical damage, making it ideal for industrial use.

Uses and Applications

With their features and advantages, polyurethane wheels serve many industries better than other materials. Its load-bearing capacity and noise reduction make it work well for these types of businesses:

●Foodservice and restaurants








LINCO Polyurethane Wheels Are the Best Choice

Polyurethane wheels are a versatile option that doesn’t break the bank. It’s an investment if you’re planning to use casters and wheels for a long time. LINCO is one of the most trusted brands in the market. As it applies to many businesses, you can take advantage of it in many aspects and won’t have to buy other specialized casters unless it is necessary. If you have questions regarding wheels, contact us or give us a call at 866-306-9566 for assistance. Get in touch today!