High Capacity. Low Maintenance. Affordable Price.

These are only a  few reasons why the business machine caster is the industry standard for Electronic Enclosure manufacturers around the country.

Rumor has it that this internet thing is going to stick. The digitization of our universe has lead to the mass production of Electronic Enclosures to house the servers that power the cloud. Electronic enclosures (more commonly known as server racks) present an interesting challenge for the engineers that design them. 

These racks are typically wheeled into a tight space while empty and locked into place. The enclosure is then left in the same spot long after the server rack has been filled

This is why the Business Machine Caster was invented. 

Customers Want to Set It and Forget It

Business Machine Casters are really only moved for cleaning. Linco's Business Machine Caster solutions from manufacturers like Colson, Blickle, and Shepherd, provide an affordable, low maintenance caster that can carry the weight of the ever expanding load of hardware. We also offer a complete line of leveling feet & glides that usually accompany the casters.

Recently, we were able to bail eBay out of jam. Linco was able to supply one of their contract manufacturers with product sitting on our floor. Our goal is to always ensure that Linco and our suppliers have adequate inventory to support the ever expanding tech industry, and it's affiliated businesses.  Eliminating inventory and delivery issues are things that we eat for breakfast.

Business Machine Caster Features

  • One of the only Heavy Duty Casters with a small  wheel that is designed to hold 1000lbs +
  • Utilizes a Glass-Filled Nylon wheel and integrated roller bearing which makes these casters a high functioning/ low maintenance option
  • The 4-1/32" overall height and 2-3/8" swivel radius makes the Business Machine Caster the perfect caster to fit under most electronic enclosure aprons
  • RoHS compliant zinc plating ensures a low environmental impact
  • Can be used in other applications like kitchen equipment 

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