Tips to Make Your Casters Last Longer

Tips to Make Your Casters Last Longer

Since their invention in the late 19th century, casters have been game-changers. They may seem like simple wheels, but they are much more than that. Modern casters have features such as brakes, direction locks, temperature and wear resistance, and shock absorbency. Frankly, now, it is hard to imagine a world without them. They are everywhere.

In fact, most of the time, they perform with such seamless perfection that they go unnoticed. However, they need our attention to continue to perform at their best, and that too for long periods of time. So, what we can do to make this happen? In this piece, we will go over some of the tips that will make your casters last you longer.

1. Go with the Right Caster for the Job

The best thing you can do for a caster to last longer is to use it for a job that best suits its construction. Therefore, before buying a caster you should take into account factors such as environmental elements and the weight of the load it will be carrying.

In a simple classification, we can divide casters into light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty casters. This classification mostly addresses the weight of the load casters will be carrying and encompasses all the casters from simple shopping carts to industrial casters that endure the heaviest of loads.

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2. Lubricate At Regular Intervals

Most of the caster and wheel bearings are exposed to moisture and corrosive materials. This can cause casters to decay and lose their integrity. Lubrication not only prevents rusting but also reduces noise and prevents galling. Therefore, we need to lubricate caster swivel and wheel bearings at regular intervals. Under normal conditions, this frequency can be as low as six months. However, under extreme conditions, when casters are exposed to exceptionally dirty surroundings and corrosion, we recommend to lubricate casters monthly.

For lubrication, you can use high-quality all-purpose grease. However, if the casters work in environments and endure high temperatures, you should go with grease that can handle the temperature range they are exposed to. In grease application, you can simply smear the grease on the wheel bearings with a finger with the wheel still in place. Besides, there are casters available that have lubrication points and you can use a grease gun to lubricate them.

3. Inspect Regularly and Do Repairs As Needed

Another pro tip to make your casters last longer is to regularly inspect them for any damages. This will not only enable you to detect any problems earlier but will also help keep your workers safe from any potential accidents.

In a regular inspection, you should look out for any loose nuts and bolts. These nuts and bolts keep the wheel in its place and if they are loose, retighten them. However, they may also be bent, damaged, or simply worn out. Worn-out components are also a cause of excessive play in the swivel. In these cases, do whatever is needed and do it immediately.

Among other things, look out for frame distortion, bends, and any broken welds. If you have stem-mounted casters, make sure mounting bolts are secured properly and also incorporate washers and lock-nuts for this purpose.

Also, look out for debris that casters tend to accumulate during their work. This debris can be in the form of threads, papers, and wires. This usually accumulates between the axle shaft and the bearings of the wheel. Therefore, you may have to remove the bolt holding these two parts to remove this debris.

4. Avoid Overloading and High Speed

One of the major reasons behind caster failures is overloading or giving load shock to the casters by suddenly dropping a heavy weight onto them. Moreover, casters should not be moved at a speed of more than five miles per hour. This is because high speed on rough and uneven surfaces can lead to unbalance and can cause damage to the caster.

5. Keep Floors Clean

Floors are the tracks on which casters run and depending on the environment, floors can be host to a variety of materials. These can include different chemicals, oils, and general waste. These materials can adversely affect casters causing corrosion, rusting and mechanical failures. Therefore, keeping the floors clean by regularly sweeping them can take care of these materials and elongate the life of your casters.

These 5 tips have your casters last longer are simple and doing them regularly will make your casters run smoothly and efficiently for years. Check out Linco’s wide selection of heavy duty casters, swivel casters, and rigid casters