USA vs. Imported Casters

USA vs. Imported Casters

Casters allow for efficient transportation of large items and are commonly used on furniture and equipment. Its roller mechanism has improved over the years in terms of durability, material, and function. A broken or malfunctioning caster can lead to tedious times.

Casters give mobility to otherwise immobile items. It helps many establishments, industries, and businesses stay on the go. You often find them in hospitals, grocery stores, logistics, schools, and many more. When choosing a caster, one important selection you have to make is US casters or imported casters. US casters provide much more security and reliability, and here’s why:

“Made In The USA” Products Have a Great Track Record

The US thrives in the industrial sector. Very few countries match its capability when it comes to speed, efficiency, and durability. Many products made in the US have great designs and even greater function. From cookware to vehicles to apparel, many popular global brands come from here. One great signifier of a product’s qualities is the country it comes from.

US products come with an assurance of durability. The country prides itself on its hard work, developing innovative designs. Every year we get better quality products, and it is no different from casters. Some casters have been flourishing for decades, and one such brand is Colson casters.

Colson has been an industry leader for over 130 years, offering numerous casters in innovative applications. The brand is highly respected worldwide, with its reliable and recognizable quality. Colson casters go through a rigorous process before they appear on the market. They must fit all the necessary metrics before they sell.

A Caster for Every Need

Casters from the US are highly customizable to fit your needs. You can have a different set of casters for heavy items, odd shapes, and unusual environments. Some casters work better with tiles, while others do better on rougher terrain. The options are almost limitless. Here are some specialty casters available in the market:

● Glass cutting table caster

● Die-cast aluminum leveling caster

● Spring-loaded door caster

● Concealed side mount casters

● Gravity lock ladder casters

● High-capacity casters

● Rug runner casters

A favored type is the heavy duty casters. These wheels have a design that fits heavy loads, lasting much longer than their counterparts. They can hold weights of over 1,500 pounds, and you can lock them, so they don’t sway during movement. You can also choose the material from the wheel to the metal itself. Some options to consider for heavy-duty casters include:

● Solid elastomer

● Steel

● Polyolefin

● Thermo-plastic rubber

● Polyurethane

Lower Overall Costs

Since you are buying these products from the US, you cut down on shipping costs and import taxes. Most manufacturers in the country source and produce locally to help reduce fees and downtime in production. You don’t have to wait weeks for casters manufactured in Asia or Europe. The US has one of the most efficient logistics in the world.

When it comes to quality, you’ll also have a better chance to get what you want. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return or exchange it through a much easier process. There is no need to mail internationally or jump through loopholes trying to find a way to communicate with a seller abroad. Most transactions in the US are seamless and easy to navigate.

Helping Local Businesses

Globalization is a very present aspect of today’s life. Many companies are choosing to go online and go global for better reach. Buying in the country helps support the local community and keeps businesses running. These businesses understand the needs of locals better and the challenges they face.

By buying in the US, you are promoting the local business. You help create jobs and better positions that feed families.

Casters Originated in the US

There is no better way to get the best quality caster than buying it from the place it started. Casters were an invention of David Fisher in 1876 as a way to help move furniture around. The free-turning wheel has since been a staple in US products, also affecting the world. It removes the laborious task of moving while reducing the risk when moving heavy objects.

Get the Quality Caster You Deserve

Casters provide flexibility and sturdiness that regular wheels don’t have. Its design allows you to move equipment freely for transport at a faster and safer pace. While there are many caster products in the market, buying in the US assures you of the best quality possible. It is the birthplace of the caster and will have products that better fit your needs. So, what are you waiting for? Shop LINCO to find the right locking caster for your application. If you have questions regarding casters, contact us or give us a call at 866-306-9566 for assistance.