When To Use Iron Caster Wheels

Businesses from various industries require constant movement of equipment and goods. No matter what industry they’re used in, caster wheels remain a demand because of their versatility in application. Iron casters have been a perfect solution for various industries because of their reliability. Today, we’ll discuss when to use iron caster wheels and what they are good for.

What Are Iron Caster Wheels?

Iron caster wheels (or cast iron wheels) are non-powered wheels designed to be attached to the bottom of a bigger object, enabling it to move. The material used for making iron casters is gray iron because of its abrasion-resistant quality. Gray iron wheels — like the LINCO Locking Cast Iron Swivel Caster — are also ergonomic; they can easily start rolling without applying much force or effort.

Iron caster wheels are extremely durable. They’re primarily designed to accommodate heavy loads. They’re very ideal for high-capacity applications and high temperature settings. Iron casters can roll both on steel and concrete surfaces. An iron caster wheel can even safely operate on greasy floors, mild chemicals, debris-ridden surfaces, and extreme temperatures.

Iron Caster Wheel Applications

Due to the iron caster’s remarkable durability, it’s an excellent solution for carrying heavy loads in various applications. Iron caster wheels — like the LINCO Cast Iron Swivel Caster — are used in manufacturing, warehouse, medical, and food service to name a few. Designed primarily for trolleys and carts of different sizes, iron caster wheels are built to withstand even the toughest situations. This makes iron casters useful for a number of applications. Some of the applications that iron caster wheels are good for include the following.

Food Service

Iron casters are perfect for caster wheels that are attached to serving trolleys, carts, and other types of equipment for food processing. For example, a brand like LINCO even has NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) certified caster wheels that are perfect for food service use.


Medical casters are specifically made for use with medical equipment — like medical beds and other related devices. Since bacteria and viruses are common in a medical setting, medical-grade iron casters are designed to be easily cleaned. This type of caster wheels are not permeable, so residues and particles — which are invisible to the eye and hold diseases — have nowhere to hide. Most of all, these iron casters are built to withstand the demands of the medical service industry.


We recommend using iron caster wheels for bakeshop owners or anyone working in high-temperature settings. Iron casters can withstand extreme temperatures inside ovens. This is an ideal solution for racks that need to be rolled directly inside the oven. Make sure to get high-temperature caster wheels because not all casters are created equal. The caster will be subjected to extreme heat, so getting anything less than high-temperature casters is not recommended.


Towing is one of the more popular applications of heavy-duty iron casters. Towline casters ensure that business owners in the manufacturing industry will have no problem with towing carts with heavy loads. Towline casters are made to be attached to a cart or dolly meant to be towed by a forklift and the like.

Why Are Iron Caster Wheels Good for These Applications?

We have already listed the applications; now it’s time to learn why the iron casting wheel is the smart choice. Here are some of the reasons why iron casters are good for the aforementioned applications.

Remarkable Weight-bearing Capability

Ordinary wheels can’t match up to the capability of iron casters in bearing heavy loads. The LINCO Cast Iron Rigid Caster for example, can carry up to 1,000 lbs of load. When it comes to weight-bearing capacity, the iron caster is king.

Ability To Withstand High Temperature

Businesses that require working in high-temperature settings will need iron caster wheels because of its ability to withstand extreme heat. Iron casters are rated for use in temperatures ranging from 500 to 800ºF.


A cast iron wheel’s natural design enables it to easily roll on any surface. This minimizes human or machine effort required to transport or move exceptionally heavy loads.

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