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Work Quickly and Safely with an Industrial Cart

Heavy-duty industrial carts are a must for every industrial sector. Industrial carts minimize injuries when workers move heavy loads, making it easier for them to remain productive at work. These are just some of the reasons why businesses should invest in different LINCO industrial carts.

LINCO offers many different types of industrial carts, and each of them has a different purpose. If you’re looking to buy industrial carts to boost the efficiency and productivity of your workers, you should have in-depth knowledge of industrial carts to decide which ones best fit your needs.

Here are some of the most common types of LINCO industrial carts and their common uses.

1. Lumber Carts

The lumber industry is thriving worldwide, but it’s challenging for any business to operate without lumber carts. Lumber is usually heavy and thick and requires more than one person to move.

To make it easier for your workers to move lumber, invest in LINCO lumber carts today. We have different lumber carts for sale that are perfect for lumber yards and stores. Our all-terrain lumber carts are ideal for outdoor and indoor uses, as these are built with pneumatic tires, sturdy steel frames, and towing arms.

2. Mattress Carts

Moving mattresses from one place to another is a struggle because of their dimensions. Without the right equipment, your workers will end up hurting themselves carrying mattresses.

Fortunately, LINCO produces industrial carts made specifically for mattresses. We offer a wide selection of mattress carts, allowing your workers to move mattresses with ease. Our mattress carts are made using a sturdy steel frame to guarantee longevity and durability.

Steel is one of the strongest materials known, which is why we’re confident that our mattress carts can withstand the weight and size of various mattresses.

3. Panel and Sheet Carts

Although often thin, moving drywall and sheet metal can be a burden. These pieces are a few feet wide, and carrying them around without any equipment will likely result in injuries.

To keep your workers safe and ensure their efficiency at work, invest in panel and sheet carts from LINCO. We sell a vast variety of panel carts that come in various sizes to meet your business’s needs. Our panel and sheet carts come with high-quality caster wheels that can accommodate different floor surfaces and environmental factors.

Our panel and sheet carts and dollies also have locking wheels. This added security feature will keep your carts in one place, so you won’t have to worry about them rolling away when idle

4. Stocking Carts

Running a grocery store is a profitable business, but you need to stock up your shelves regularly to provide options to your customers. And while your workers can restock items on the shelves using their bare hands, this process will require more time and effort.

Save your workers from the hassles of going back and forth from the stockroom to the shelves by using stocking carts. We also provide different styles and types of stocking carts that can meet any business’s requirements. Regardless of if you’re looking for stocking carts for your warehouse or grocery store, we’ve got you covered.

Unlike other brands, LINCO stocking carts also come with two shelves, allowing your workers to move twice as many items. Some of our stocking carts also come with built-in ladders to make loading and unloading a breeze.

Invest in LINCO Industrial Carts Today

If you want to make the most of your investment, you should only invest in high-quality utility carts such as those from LINCO. Since opening our doors to the public in 1974, we have consistently created high-quality carts that can support extremely large and/or heavy parts and that meet industry-specific features.

You can check out our website for the complete list of our industrial carts and dollies and place your orders through the platform. You can also contact us at 866-306-9566. With LINCO industry carts, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your workers are only using the best equipment for their jobs!