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Searching for a dolly handle replacement to fix your hand truck or improve its efficiency? Look no further! LINCO offers handtruck handles that are designed to make moving your materials safer, easier, and more productive. We work with a wide range of brands and offer only the highest quality products at a fair price. On the website, you can find handles for hand trucks suited for any business, industry, or project needs. LINCO’s offering of dolly handles work for a range of handtrucks: from light to heavy-duty ones and portable hand truck options. A selection of materials, sizes, weights, heights, depths, designs and specific characteristics allow us to satisfy our clients’ unique requests.  If you don’t see what you need, please contact us.


B&P Standard Loop Handruck Handle

B&P Standard Loop Handtruck Handle 50" w/ Plastic Comfort Sleeve Specifications: Standard Loop HandleWith Comfort SleeveOverall height on Handtruck: 50"Grip Height: 50"Available with Brake  

B&P Square Loop Handtruck Handle

B&P Square Loop Handtruck Handle 62", Str Back Dbl Vert Grips at 42" HDHT Specifications: Square Loop with Double Vertical GripsHeat TreatedOverall height on Handtruck: 62"Grip Height: 42"Available with Brake  
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