Shepherd Pacer Twinwheel Caster 60mm (100 LBS Cap) [PPA60223BC-U]

  • SKU PPA60223BC-U
  • Weight 0.00 LBS
  • Stock
  • Wheel Diameter 2.01 - 3 Inches
  • Weight Capacity 0 to 100 LBS
  • Brake Yes
  • Caster Type Swivel
  • Wheel (non-marking) Yes
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    Series Name: Pacer

    Prj: info=colsongroup/shepherd/casters/pacer_asmtab.prj&varset={SER=Pacer Hooded},{MO=GRS},{SIZE=223},{D=60.00000000},{TT=-U},{FIN=BC},{BR=}

    Brake Type: -

    Finish: Bright Chrome

    Wheel Diameter: 2.3622

    Tread Width: -

    Wheel Type: Urethane

    Tread Detail: -

    Core Detail: -

    Wheel Color: -

    Bearing Type: -

    Wheel Face: -

    Thread Guard: -

    Fastening Type: Grip Ring

    Fastening Size: 7/16" x 7/8"

    Bolt Hole Spacing: -

    Mounting Bolt Diameter: -

    Capacity: 100

    Swivel Radius: 2.7500

    Swivel Radius: 2.1875

    Temperature Range: -

    Hardness: -

    Hardness: -

    Wheel Material: -

    Wheel Category: -

    Has Brake: -

    XCPF Wheel Durometer: -

    Feature List: -

    Application List: -

    Brand List: Shepherd

    Ranking: 0

    Weight: 0.00

    www: N

    Ecommerce: N

    Active: Y

    Wheel Diameter:
    2.01 - 3 Inches
    Weight Capacity:
    0 to 100 LBS
    Caster Type:
    Wheel (non-marking):
    2.01 - 3 Inches
    0 to 100 LBS

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