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A product portfolio of casters, handtrucks, carts, and more offering solutions to a wide variety of industries. We manufacturer our products here in the USA and distribute them worldwide.



Our custom product design, fabrication, and consulting services help your company go from idea generation to implementation. We can handle all stages of products and even assist in managing inventory.

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We provide industry specific casters to a variety of industries including hospitality, medical, automotive, retail, aerospace, and more. Learn more how LINCO can help you find the perfect solution for your business.

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The LINCO blog provides resources and news on casters and other LINCO products and services.


6th Nov 2023

What Are Ergonomic Casters and the Benefits To Using Them?

In the world of industrial equipment and material handling, the importance of ergonomic solutions cannot be overstated. Ergonomics plays a pivotal role in improving workplace safety, efficiency, and the overall well-being of employees.Similarly, the value of casters or caster wheels cannot be underestimated in industrial business operations. They ensure easier, smoother, and more effortless t…
6th Nov 2023

The Importance of Accurate Caster Drawings and CAD Files in Product Design

Precision is paramount when designing any product. Every angle, dimension, and detail must align perfectly to ensure the seamless functionality of the final product.Unfortunately, for engineers and designers, achieving the desired level of precision often feels like grasping at straws in the dark. Designers and engineers can run into a battery of challenges, from the need for customization to…
6th Nov 2023

The Benefits of Investing in Handtruck Fabrication Services

In the fast-paced world of business, efficiency is paramount and yet one workhorse often overlooked is the handtruck, which plays a vital role in simplifying the process of moving heavy loads, streamlining operations, and reducing physical strain. In this article, we will explore the benefits of investing in handtruck fabrication services, illustrating how they can significantly enhance your…
6th Nov 2023

Whispering Wheels: Achieving Noise Reduction in Industrial Carts

Industrial carts are essential in many businesses, particularly for those involved in manufacturing and logistics. They are invaluable in transporting goods, equipment, and supplies from one location to another — essentially acting as the backbone of production systems.However, they come with one significant drawback: industrial cart noise. As the carts move from point A to point B, the noise…

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