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LINCO is your trusted semiconductor caster manufacturer. We carry a wide range of products that are suitable for the delicate operations of major semiconductor facilities. With our casters, you can ensure that your technologies are safely transported from point A to point B. Browse our catalog or contact us to learn more about our custom casters.

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Your Reliable Semiconductor Caster Distributor

Our company has worked with many semiconductor manufacturers and other companies in similar industries, allowing us to engineer the perfect casters for these settings. As a semiconductor caster distributor and manufacturer, we offer both standard and customized casters for specific applications. Of course, all these casters are designed for performance, longevity, and other requirements of the semiconductor manufacturing industry.

Casters for Front-End Equipment

Front-end equipment like silicon wafer manufacturing machinery requires casters that are stable enough for the delicate silicon wafers. We design precision casters that allow for maximum stability and leveling, securing the wafers during in-house movement.

Casters for Back-End Equipment 

Even though these casters are used for assembly, packing, and testing, our casters for back-end equipment are still as precise and stable as those for front-end equipment. As a semiconductor manufacturing equipment caster supplier, we offer various types for you to choose from, such as:

  • Leveling Casters
  • Swivel Casters
  • Locking Casters

Why Are Casters Needed in the Semiconductor Industry?

Casters may not seem like a major priority for semiconductor manufacturers, but these components play a major role in the movement of silicon manufacturing equipment and semiconductor products.

Casters provide leveling and stability that help protect delicate equipment from damage. This is a major consideration considering how silicon wafers are often just 200 mm to 300 mm thick.

Some casters help resist or dissipate static electricity build-up. Semiconductors are sensitive to this type of charge, ruining their delicate calibrations. Many companies have chosen us as their semiconductor wheel manufacturer to provide them with custom casters to mitigate or avoid this issue.

Choose LINCO as Your Semiconductor Caster Company Today

LINCO carries a wide range of casters that are suitable for regular operations. In addition, we can engineer custom solutions for more specialized needs. As a professional semiconductor caster company, we consider the size and weight of the equipment, the environment within the facility, types of flooring, and other factors to create a caster that fits your specifications.

Browse the standard casters we have in store today! For a custom solution, pleasecontact us.

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