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The metal fabrication industry is one of LINCO’s biggest clients when it comes to heavy-duty and custom casters. As a metal fabrication caster manufacturer, we consider that it is also one of the more challenging industries to supply. Casters for metal fabrication companies have stringent requirements. It is not an exaggeration to say they need to be on a whole other level in terms of reliability, durability, and overall performance.

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The Challenges We’ve Found as a Heavy-Duty Metal Fabrication Caster Supplier

Overall, the challenges of supplying caster wheels to the metal fabrication industry lie in meeting the industry’s unique demands. Considering the environment alone, with its extreme temperatures, myriad of metal shavings or debris, and heavy equipment or output, we can already see a need for extremely durable, heavy-duty casters. As a heavy-duty metal fabrication caster supplier, we have found that some other challenges and considerations when choosing casters for metal fabricators include:

  • Compatibility with heavy equipment
  • High heat and chemical resistance
  • Low roll resistance for ease of rolling
  • High mobility and flexibility for ease of movement
  • Ergonomics for optimum safety
  • Ability to dispel debris

Advantages of Using LINCO Casters

As a metal fabrication caster company, we understand the unique needs surrounding the metal fabrication industry. More importantly, we rise up to the challenges — offering innovative and custom casters that meet all the needs of metal fabricators. Our casters are expertly designed to meet all customer expectations and help our customers meet their business goals.

No matter what products our metal fabricator clients manufacture — whether they are for the automotive, aerospace, or medical industries — we deliver high-quality casters every time.

LINCO specializes in heavy-duty casters that not only get the job done but also last a lifetime. From high durability and weight capacities to low rolling resistance and the ability to dispel debris, LINCO offers high-quality casters that allow you to invest in the safety and efficiency of your workshop from the ground up.

Metal Fabrication Caster Company With Custom Solutions

With an industry-leading metal fabrication wheel manufacturer such as LINCO, there is no reason to doubt the quality of the casters you get. Our solutions hold up to any standards our clients require.

Our extensive selection of casters caters specifically to the different needs of metal fabrication companies. These casters are meticulously crafted using a diverse range of premium materials. Whether you need cast iron, stainless steel, polyurethane, or any other heavy-duty industrial casters, our team can help you find the perfect match.

If what you need is not in our catalog yet, LINCO also offers custom caster solutions. LINCO is your one-stop-shop for made-to-order casters. Simply give us your needs, requirements, and feedback, and we will handle everything else — from design and conceptualization to prototyping, fabrication, and mass production. 

Contact us today to get a free quote from a leading heavy-duty metal fabrication wheel distributor.

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