How To Clean Casters

For many business owners, brand new caster wheels are a great investment that will last them a long time. However, even the best caster wheels need maintenance to make sure that they last as long as possible. If you or your team aren’t well-versed in how to clean casters, then read on to learn how to give your caster wheels the right cleaning and maximize your return on investment.

Examining Caster Wheels

Caster wheels usually have rubber fittings that allow them to turn without making much noise. However, their threads can become damaged or flattened when rolling on the floor, causing them to develop defects over time and place unnecessary wear and tear on the caster wheel. To avoid this, regularly check your casters wheel’s threads for signs of damage and replace any damaged wheels or threads before they become a bigger problem. You could also look into having a monthly inspection to ensure that all of your caster wheels are in tip-top condition, as this will allow you to detect problems early on.

If, upon inspection, you decide that the wheels need a good cleaning, you should first inspect them for embedded materials such as metal chips, screws, and other sharp objects. Finally, check for locked wheels or loose casters that may also create flat spots.

Protecting Caster Wheels

There are a few ways you can protect your caster wheels from unnecessary strain or damage. Try taking these precautions to protect your investment:

  • Ensure that any rigid casters aren’t being dragged sideways or have any side impact — it’s best to use a swivel caster for these kinds of movement. Wheels and casters that experience erratic rolling should be replaced.
  • Use thread guards to help avoid a buildup of hair, debris, dirt, and other materials from clogging the wheels. These guards will also keep your wheels cleaner, lowering the frequency for necessary cleanings.
  • Ensure that all of the axle nuts are properly tightened. Always use nuts and lock washers to prevent them from becoming loose.

Lubricating Caster Wheels

It’s very important to keep your caster wheels properly lubricated to ensure that they will last as long as they were intended to. In most cases, a caster wheel along with its fittings should be thoroughly lubricated once every six months. This is a good rule of thumb to follow and should be scheduled whenever you need to have all your hardware checked and lubricated to ensure they work properly.

However, it should be noted that this timeframe isn’t to be used on all types of caster wheels — there are various kinds of caster wheels that will be exposed to various kinds of working environments; some will frequently be wet and others will be exposed to corrosive materials on a daily basis, which is why they need to lubricated and checked much more often. Caster wheels that are always exposed to corrosive materials and/or moisture should be inspected and lubricated at least once per month.

Using Fasteners on Caster Wheels

Using fasteners on your caster wheels is just as important as providing them with lubrication, as this will ensure that the wheels don’t move or fall off entirely. Hardware fittings are vital pieces that are susceptible to wear and tear because they work against gravity every day in all kinds of environments. Once a month, be sure to turn each piece of your equipment with casters on it to the side so you can inspect the fasteners between the caster and the equipment.

Be sure to look for bolts, buts, screws, and other fittings that are used to keep the wheel in place. If you see anything that’s out of place, worn, or bent, it needs to be replaced or fixed right away. It’s essential to fix these kinds of damages earlier rather than later since they can surely ruin a caster and force it to an early retirement over time. Poorly maintained caster wheels will force business owners to make additional investments in their equipment, causing serious damage to their budgets over time.

Call on Professionals for Attention to Detail

Cleaning caster wheels involves a lot of steps and takes a lot of time and effort, depending on how many caster wheels you have rolling around your workplace. Our team at LINCO is staffed by experts at cleaning casters — we’ll ensure that your caster wheels are clean, protected, and lubricated with impeccable attention to detail. Call us today at 866-306-9566 or contact us for more details.