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LINCO steel & cast iron wheels are a great solution for a caster wheel in an abusive and abrasive environment such as in many industrial environments. Our cast iron wheels have an exceptionally long wear life as they are made of a material that literally wears like steel. Industrial cast iron wheels are preferred in a heavy duty setting not only for their longevity and strength, but also are sought after for their ability to withstand and transport very heavy loads without forfeiting maneuverability.

Blickle V Groove Wheel 3" [DSPK 75K]

Blickle V Groove Wheel 3" [DSPK 75K]

Solid steel double flanged wheel   Made of steel. Colour: silver. Wheel centre/rim: - Colour: silver. Chemical characteristics: Oil-resistant. Operating temperature: -25° C to +120° C. The relatively high floor pressure should be considered...
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