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LINCO is well-known as a premier supplier of commercial and heavy-duty casters, providing high-quality casters by bulk to various industries, including the aerospace, retail, furniture, and medical industries. 

However, LINCO’s high-quality casters and wheels are not just for large corporations and established businesses. Our products are for everyone who may need them — and this includes do-it-yourself enthusiasts and home users. With a wide range of superior quality products, and several decades of experience, LINCO is the perfect DIY caster manufacturer.

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Home Use Caster Distributor With Solutions for Everyday Consumers

There is no one who understands the usefulness and convenience that caster wheels offer than LINCO. We’ve been in the business for years and have seen the many applications that casters have. In the same way that industrial casters play a significant role in commercial and industrial settings, they do the same in residential settings and DIY applications.

That is why LINCO is also a home use caster distributor. At LINCO, our casters for DIY applications have the same exceptional quality we offer to our commercial clients. As expert DIY swivel caster retailers, we ensure that our clients will be satisfied with not only the quality but also the available options and versatility of use.

Large Selection of Casters and Wheels

We aim to meet the needs of the DIY community and ensure hobbyists and casual consumers are able to find the right parts they need for their furniture projects or renovations. As such, LINCO is a home users caster supplier that offers different types of casters.

From swivel casters and non-swivels to locking caster wheels and heavy-duty casters, we have everything you may need to complete any DIY projects that require casters and wheels at home. Our large selection of casters includes casters capable of handling various load capacities and different floor types and conditions.

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As a DIY caster company, we offer solutions for various home furniture projects like:

  • Under the bed rolling storage
  • Garage tool carts
  • DIY workbenches
  • Mobile kitchen islands
  • Mobile trash bins
  • Wheeled storage, such as drawers or cabinets
  • Swivel office chairs
  • Wheeled tables, from coffee tables to study tables

If you have a DIY project in the works or are thinking of remodeling a part of your home, LINCO is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our range of DIY and home user products.

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