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Custodians and janitorial service professionals are essential to any business and building. They are the ones who maintain an organized, clean, and healthy work environment. If they didn’t have janitorial staff, many business establishments could fall to a standstill due to an outbreak of diseases and illnesses.

As such, it is only right to support janitors and custodians with the best possible supplies and components, including caster wheels to prevent any more unnecessary work. As a janitorial caster manufacturer, we offer a variety of casters to suit all your businesses’ needs, from non-marking wheels to locking casters, and everything in between.

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A Janitorial Caster Company With Unique Solutions for Your Unique Needs

Casters are silent helpers in the cleaning and janitorial industry. From mop bucket casters, garbage can casters to cleaning cart casters, they help make janitors’ tasks easier.

Since most cleaning and maintenance tasks of janitors involve liquids and debris, as a janitorial wheel distributor, we believe that it is important to consider such factors when choosing casters for your business. The casters also need to have high durability, low rolling resistance, and high resistance to liquids, chemicals, oils, and more.

As an experienced custodian caster supplier, we take these elements into careful consideration to ensure we meet all the unique caster needs of the industry. Our catalog includes:

  • Non-marking casters, which reject debris and help prevent floor damage
  • Locking casters to prevent runaway carts and buckets
  • Swivel casters, for easier maneuverability
  • Rubber casters, for both floor protection and quiet rolling
  • Polyurethane casters, for easier rolling and high chemical resistance

Tailor-made Ergonomics, Safety, and Durability

Whether our clients need casters for mop buckets or trash cans, we make sure they are all up to industry standards in terms of safety, durability, and reliability. Supplying many industries with high-quality casters has helped LINCO develop exceptional casters for every need — and we continue to improve on them.

Still, as a janitor caster retailer, we fully understand that some clients’ needs cannot be met with standard, existing caster wheel options. Even in these cases, LINCO has you covered.

We offer fully customized casters and wheels for the janitorial industry. Our caster specialists and solutions experts help clients design and create situation-specific casters to meet all their caster-related needs.

Clients can customize different variables in making their casters, from the materials and load rating to wheel diameter, mount type, and much more.

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