How to Choose The Right Material For Your Caster Wheels

Are you in the market for new caster wheels? If you are, you need to be aware of the many different types of caster wheels. You also need to be familiar with the applications for which each one is best suited.

Different types of heavy-duty casters suit different applications. You can get by with the wrong type of caster wheels, but it’s always better to choose the best ones for your specific needs.

By and large, caster wheels differ not so much in application but in their material. In this article, we will share the different types of caster wheel materials and their best applications.

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A Couple of Considerations When Selecting Heavy-Duty Caster Wheels

Before we go into what types of caster wheels you need to choose, let us consider your specific circumstances. Several conditions will determine the type of caster wheel material you should choose.

Different facility owners and managers will have their considerations. Nevertheless, consider these two main factors when selecting your casters:

Weight Capacity

All heavy-duty casters have the capacity for moving heavy loads. Of course, due to the material, some are superior to other types.
For example, caster wheel materials like rubber and polyurethane boast superior load-bearing and load-dampening qualities. Cast iron casters may also be a sound alternative.

So, if you are going to be moving heavy pieces of equipment in the thousand-pound range, these may be the right casters for you.

Maintenance of Your Facility’s Surface

Many wheel casters have been designed to bear loads while being friendlier on surfaces. If the condition of your surface is a primary consideration, then you may be better off with certain materials.

To illustrate, nylon is second to none when it comes to keeping your floors in great condition, even when moving hundreds of pounds.

Different Types of Caster Wheels

Once you have taken your circumstances and applications into account, you can now choose a material for your casters. Here are the different types of caster wheels in terms of their material:

Rubber Caster Wheels

Rubber is popular for many types of applications. For caster wheels, rubber boasts excellent longevity owing to its ability to compress and bend. The elasticity also makes rubber easier on floors.

The elasticity of rubber caster wheels also provides decent load-bearing capacities. Rubber casters are suitable for most heavy pieces of equipment, especially if the casters come in sets of more than four.

Polyurethane Casters

Polyurethane casters are some of the most common types of casters on the market today. Industrial grade polyurethane casters offer the right balance between heavy-duty load-bearing and surface protection.

What adds to the load-bearing capacity of polyurethane casters is their ability to vibrate. The oscillatory properties of polyurethane minimize rigidity, allowing wheels to absorb force.

If you need a set of versatile casters, try our polyurethane 6660 or TP5040 LINCO Casters!

Iron Heavy-Duty Casters

Nothing beats iron when it comes to force absorption and load-bearing. And, when you have cast iron caster wheels, you can get maximum weight-bearing. These weight casters are ideal for when you are moving large and heavy pieces of equipment.

However, the load-bearing capacity comes with one trade-off — surface protection. Due to its material, an iron wheel caster may withstand a lot of weight. But, it will not be friendly on your floors.

Nylon Casters

Over the years, nylon wheel casters have grown in popularity due to their abrasion resistance on surfaces. Providing excellent traction for movement, nylon casters are easier on your floors. In addition, you can burden these casters with a fair amount of load.

Aluminum Casters

Lightweight and resilient, aluminum caster wheels offer an ideal balance of mobility and weight-bearing. Aluminum casters, for this reason, are a popular option for pneumatic caster wheels.

Aluminum is best for when you are moving lighter pieces of equipment at higher volumes. If you prefer better load-bearing, polyurethane and cast iron caster wheels are still better choices.

Choose Caster Wheels With the Best Materials From LINCO!

Different materials have their strengths and weaknesses. For caster wheels, these materials will make one type of caster better than another. Ultimately, it all comes down to what you need, your load-bearing requirements, and how much you want to protect your floors.

At LINCO, we have all kinds of caster wheels that are ideal for your requirements. Whether you need heavy objects moved around or want to prioritize protecting your floors, we have the perfect casters for you! Please reach out and contact us if you have questions about casters.

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