What Are Heavy Duty Casters?

What Are Heavy Duty Casters?

Heavy-duty casters are typically large diameter casters with a much higher load capacity than standard 4" casters. Heavy-duty casters can be made out of steel, nylon, or a number of other materials, with steel being heavier and more durable and nylon being lighter and more affordable.

Increased Weight Capabilities

Heavy-duty casters can typically at least 600 lbs, but can have capacities of several thousand pounds. This increase in weight capacity is accomplished primarily by the larger diameter of the caster wheel and improvements in the manufacturing process and components that make up the caster parts.

Increased Mobility Capabilities

The increased load capacity also enables heavy-duty casters to hold much heavier objects compared to standard 4" caster wheels. A caster with a load capacity of 1,100 lbs would have no problem carrying the weight of a small vehicle. In contrast, most medium-duty 4" casters are limited to about 300 lbs which is why they are typically found on office chairs, file cabinets, and other homes/office items.

Increased Versatility

By increasing the load capacity of a caster, heavy-duty casters become much more helpful for many other tasks besides just being a replacement caster on a piece of office/home furniture. Heavy-duty casters enable you to quickly move appliances such as stoves and refrigerators, machinery and equipment, and so on, by attaching the caster wheels directly to the bottom of them.

Increased Productivity

You can increase your productivity by using heavy-duty casters to move around large, heavy pieces of equipment such as industrial sewing machines or production floor equipment. The increased load capacity allows you to have a more efficient work environment since you won't constantly move things around on the work floor.

Applications for Heavy Duty Casters

Heavy-duty casters are often used in material handling applications, especially those involving moving heavy loads. They are also popular in industrial settings where machines need to be regularly moved around or with a lot of vibration. This includes forklifts, mobile workbenches, concrete mixers, and drill presses.

Heavy-duty casters are also popular in medical equipment applications where carts need to be moved around quickly and efficiently while protecting workers from injury. They are sometimes used on hospital beds to provide better support than standard flanged wheels while rolling rapidly over the floor.

When choosing a heavy-duty caster, keep a few things in mind. The most crucial factor is the object's weight that will be moved. Make sure to choose a caster that can handle the load without breaking or wearing out quickly. It is also essential to consider the terrain where the caster will be used. For example, if the caster is in a warehouse, it needs to deal with rough surfaces.

Make sure to read the specifications of each caster carefully before making a purchase, as there can be a big difference between the capabilities of different models. Moving heavy loads becomes much easier and safer with the right heavy-duty caster.

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