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LINCO provides various types and styles of stocking carts to meet a diverse group of jobs and environments. Whether you are looking for warehouse stocking carts, industrial stocking carts, or grocery stocking carts LINCO has a stocking cart for you. LINCO’s two shelf stock picking cart is the ideal stocking cart with not only it’s two built carrying shelves but also with its built in ladder to help unload materials of the cart and to place at various heights. For loads that are slightly larger and flatter like drywall sheets our multi trolley industrial stocking carts are suggested with their steel frame and single or multiple loading bays. For your extra heavy duty loads, LINCO provides a couple heavy duty stocking carts capable of holding between 1200-1500 pounds. Each of these heavy duty carts come with a double loading bed and six caster wheels to provide for easy and safe mobility.

Multi Trolley Standard 6.0 Transport Trolley

Use: Lock the wheels first. Apply Multi Trolley to the side of the object and adjust the posts accordingly (press the button, turning the handle to loosen or lock). Make sure all the wheels are pointing downwards before tipping. Tip the object until all...

Multi Trolley Worker 6.0 Transport Trolley

Use: If you are using for panels, boards or doors ensure at least two brakes are locked and adjust the adjustable posts accordingly. These are adjusted by simply holding in the button, turning the handle to loosen (post can then be moved) or lock.  ...
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