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LINCO’s offering of pallet jacks are sure to meet any industrial, warehouse, or commercial need. Pallet jacks are designed with two forked teeth jutting out of the front to easily slide under a pallet and allow it to be lifted. Pallett jacks also can lift a pallet off of the ground. Pallet trucks can either be equipped with or without electric motors to make moving both light and heavy loads easy and safe. LINCO sells pallet trucks with a range of maximum carrying capacity between 3,500 – 5,500 pounds. LINCO pallet trucks come with both electric and hydraulic pump lifting options to meet up to any lifting demand. LINCO pallet trucks also come with or without electric driving motors to accommodate any pallet jack capability.

Blickle Nylon Pallet Roller 3" [HPO 82x100/20-100K]

Blickle Nylon Pallet Roller 3" [HPO 82x100/20-100K]

Nylon roller for pallet trucks Made of high-quality, impact-resistant nylon. Colour: natural white. Wheel centre/rim: - Colour: . Chemical characteristics: High chemical resistance to many aggressive substances. Operating temperature: -25° C to...
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