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Companies that need casters for the machines they manufacture can trust LINCO to provide them with high-quality parts. We are the go-to business machine caster manufacturer, but we also serve virtually any industry, from food to flight. If your business needs sturdy casters and wheels, you can count on us to deliver the best solutions.

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The Use of Casters in Business Machines

Business machine casters are special wheels for various machines you would commonly see in business settings. These include data center racks, computer racks, vending machines, and server cabinets.

We Provide You With a Variety of Products

We designed our casters for low-profile, heavy-duty machines or weighty applications that need low clearance height. That’s why our collection of casters includes a top plate to make mounting easy regardless of your application.

LINCO casters come in locking and non-locking configurations, all of which are made of the finest material in the industry. As an industry-leading business machine caster company, we assure businesses that they will equip the machines they manufacture with casters that match their dedication to quality work.

Business Machine Caster Company With Custom Solutions

As vending machine caster suppliers, we understand that different configurations of casters exist to support various applications. These include swivel casters, rigid casters, and brake casters. No matter what you need, LINCO has the right casters for you.

We also understand how companies in the business machine industry may need custom casters. We are fully prepared and equipped to create custom casters to ensure your business machine has the proper support it needs.

High-quality Casters Help You Mitigate Risks

Casters are critical parts of business machines that you cannot afford to ignore. Computers, vending machines, and server racks are all essential to business operations. Losing them to damage would lead to expensive losses.

Avoid any issues by taking the time to browse our selection of casters and wheels. As professional printer and copier machine caster distributors, we are eager to help you with customized casters and wheels if your company needs them.

Invest in a Professional Business Machine Caster Manufacturer

LINCO is proud to deliver world-class casters and wheels to manufacturers of all sorts. Whether you need a computer rack, server cabinet, or vending machine casters for your operations, count on us as your copier, and printer caster retailer to provide you with the right solutions.

Our store is full of options that are compatible with most standard machinery. We are standing by to discuss your needs and provide you with a custom solution. Get in touch with us today.

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