What are Hand Trucks Used For?

FAQ: What Are Hand Trucks Used For? 

Hand trucks are used to move heavy loads without putting too much strain on the body. They are a practical form of transport for moving loads across short distances. Hand trucks are also relatively small, so they’re great to use when navigating tight spaces. There are many types of hand trucks available and they each have their own distinct features. 

Using a Hand Truck 

Hand trucks have an L-shaped structure, which allows you to load an item without having to lift it. Before using a hand truck, inspect it to determine if it is suitable for the load you want to move. Lighter loads fit best on the two-wheel hand trucks, while heavier loads require the four-wheel ones for added support. Once you have a suitable hand truck, check for any defects or damage within each section. 

You may need some protective gear to help reduce any chance of injury while handling. Here are some clothing items you may want to wear when transporting: 

  • Leather gloves: Protect your hands from sharp or rough edges, especially from the objects you are handling. 
  • Non-slip boots with safety toes: These boots have soles that add friction, reducing the chance of slips. They also have steel or composite toe caps which protect your foot against falling objects. 
  • Back belt: Adds support to your back so you don’t strain it while pushing the hand truck. 

Once you’re ready to begin, using a hand truck is fairly simple. Slide the truck underneath the item that needs moving. Once the object is in place, tilt the hand truck backward, so the item rests at the back. From there, push the load to the desired destination. Some hand trucks come with a hydraulic or mechanical lifting mechanism to help with transport. 

Added Precautions 

A hand truck is only effective when you are pushing. Pulling a hand truck can lead to injury to you or the items you are carrying. Never step in front of a hand truck when you are traveling downhill. If you’re having a hard time, ask for support from others. You can also use nylon belts to ensure that the object stays in place during transport.  

Hand Trucks with More Features 

Some hand trucks come with features that add safety or flexibility. For example, the braking hand truck features a hand brake that provides extra support if you’re navigating the hand truck on ramps. It also helps avoid dangerous collisions. 

A convertible hand truck can transform a standard hand truck into a two-wheel or four-wheeled version. This hybrid version helps save space while also providing extra functionality for when you need to carry heavier loads. 

Is a Hand Truck the Same as a Dolly? 

The main difference between a dolly and a hand truck is the way you handle materials. You can slip the hand truck underneath an item, but a dolly requires you to lift the item onto it. Since dollies are only available on four wheels and have two axles, they are ideal for transporting heavy items like large pieces of furniture or a piano. 

Find the Best Hand Truck for Your Needs 

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