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14th Jun 2021

​The Benefits of Polyurethane Wheels | LINCO Casters & Industrial Supply

The Benefits of Polyurethane WheelsPolyurethane is the ideal material to absorb shock while providing durability. It can withstand high speeds and heavier weights more than any other wheel material. It also reduces noises, so you can expect to use these wheels without any hassle for long periods. Polyurethane wheels provide the most benefits to those using them for transport.The Composition of…
14th Jun 2021

The Usage and Functionality of Lumber Carts | LINCO Casters & Industrial Supply

The Usage and Functionality of Lumber CartsDoes your business involve using, storing, and transporting a lot of wood? Instead of requiring more people to manage, transfer, and organize your products, take advantage of lumber carts to achieve a high level of efficiency and productivity. In the following article, we will present the different uses and functionality of lumber carts. If you want t…
14th Jun 2021

​What Are Industrial Casters? | LINCO Casters & Industrial Supply

What Are Industrial Casters?Industrial casters make strenuous lifting, carrying, and holding more convenient for individuals who move loads manually. With a diverse selection of casters in the market, users sometimes mistake them for institutional, furniture, and consumer casters. However, each caster is different from the other and has specific uses. Manufacturers design industrial castersto…
28th May 2021

How To Use a Pallet Jack Correctly | LINCO Casters & Industrial Supply

How To Use a Pallet Jack CorrectlyPallet jacks, also called pallet trucks, are crucial tools in handling and transporting heavy loads. Without them, some repetitive tasks become tedious and accident-prone. Many business owners instantly think of forklifts when discussing handling equipment, but pallet jacks are more affordable and easier to operate. Pallet trucks are ideal for businesses that…