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We provide industry specific casters to a variety of industries including hospitality, medical, automotive, retail, aerospace, and more. Learn more how LINCO can help you find the perfect solution for your business.

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25th May 2023

Best Casters for Tile Floors

There is no limit to the applications of caster wheels. Numerous businesses use caster wheels to help facilitate faster workflows, greater efficiency, and safer workplaces. The wide range of caster applications equates to a similarly wide selection of caster types.If you want to enjoy the full benefits of using casters, it is crucial to choose the right ones for the job. Casters that are used…
25th May 2023

How To Make Caster Wheels Quieter

Casters are wonderfully versatile tools for a vast number of businesses and industries. Incorporating casters onto equipment and into your general workflow can significantly boost speed and efficiency without compromising worker safety.However, casters can also have a few small drawbacks — one of these is the noise that caster wheels generate.Whether you’re using casters for dollies, tool cart…
25th May 2023

Industries That Often Require Custom Casters

Caster wheels are used in a wide range of situations, applications, and environments. With thousands of standard caster wheel models readily available, most businesses can generally find the right caster for their needs with no issue.However, some industries may find it more difficult when it comes to the kind of casters they need and in sourcing these casters.That’s why custom casters wheels…
25th May 2023

Best Casters for Vinyl Floors

Vinyl floors are known to be durable and resistant to damage. However, you’ll want to keep them looking new, well-maintained, and scratch-free. Wondering what caster wheels to use on vinyl floors?Below, we’ll talk about the best casters for vinyl floors to ensure maximum protection and experience the best results.Casters and Their ApplicationsCasters refer to non-powered wheels that are attache…

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