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Our custom product design, fabrication, and consulting services help your company go from idea generation to implementation. We can handle all stages of products and even assist in managing inventory.

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We provide industry specific casters to a variety of industries including hospitality, medical, automotive, retail, aerospace, and more. Learn more how LINCO can help you find the perfect solution for your business.

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27th Feb 2023

Best Casters for Dirt

Casters have an extensive assortment of uses. The wide range of applications of casters means there are an equally extensive array of caster wheel options available. The materials, size, style, and make of casters can make a huge difference in their ease of use, efficiency, and overall benefits when used in specific environments.One challenging environment to use casters are outdoor terrains…
27th Feb 2023

What Are the Most Common Size Casters?

Casters are used across several industries and in a variety of applications. The tool’s wide range of application necessitates an equally broad range of material and size options to better serve its intended use.Choosing the wrong size caster can greatly affect not only its overall performance, efficiency, and usability, but also its safety in the field. To get the right size casters, it is im…
27th Feb 2023

The Advantages of Investing in Custom-Made Caster Wheels for Industrial Applications

Industrial applications often require specialized equipment to handle heavy loads, move materials, and transport goods. The right set of casters can make a significant difference in the performance and efficiency of these machines. In many cases, off-the-shelf caster wheels may not meet the specific requirements of industrial applications, making custom-made caster wheels a more suitable option…
30th Jan 2023

What Is the Weight Capacity of a Typical Hand Truck?

The right tools and equipment are essential for maintaining the safety and well-being of workers in warehouses and the logistics industry — especially when it comes to transporting products, supplies, and other heavy loads.Among all transportation equipment, the hand truck is one of the most convenient and widely used tools. Hand trucks are an efficient, convenient, and much safer way to move…

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