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A product portfolio of casters, handtrucks, carts, and more offering solutions to a wide variety of industries. We manufacturer our products here in the USA and distribute them worldwide.



Our custom product design, fabrication, and consulting services help your company go from idea generation to implementation. We can handle all stages of products and even assist in managing inventory.

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We provide industry specific casters to a variety of industries including hospitality, medical, automotive, retail, aerospace, and more. Learn more how LINCO can help you find the perfect solution for your business.

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The LINCO blog provides resources and news on casters and other LINCO products and services.


16th Sep 2023

Why the Ergonomics of Your Industrial or Warehouse Operations Are Important

In today’s competitive business environment, every aspect of operations counts — including the physical setup and processes of your industrial or warehouse environment. This is where ergonomics comes into play.Ergonomics revolve around making things fit people better. The concept focuses on designing the environment or tools we use and arranging our workplaces or systems to match our abilities…
16th Sep 2023

Can Your Handtruck Do This?

In the fast-paced world of industrial businesses, logistics, and warehouse operations, efficiency and adaptability are key. Having the right equipment can make all the difference. One essential tool that often goes unnoticed but plays a crucial role in streamlining operations is the humble handtruck. However, not all handtrucks are created equal.Custom handtrucks are a game-changer for busine…
16th Sep 2023

Top Trends in Sheet Metal Fabrication

If you work in the manufacturing, warehouse, distribution, hospitality, or industrial sectors, you are likely familiar with the importance of sheet metal fabrication in your daily operations. From creating custom parts and components to constructing structural elements, sheet metal fabrication plays a crucial role in numerous industries. As technology continues to advance, so do the trends in…
16th Sep 2023

The Institute of Caster and Wheel Manufacturers’ Performance Standards

Casters and wheels are indispensable in the world of industrial equipment and material handling. They allow you to effortlessly move heavy loads, making it easy to transport goods from one place to another. However, not all casters and wheels are created equal. To ensure high-quality products that meet industry standards, manufacturers adhere to the guidelines set by organizations such as The…

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