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19th Jul 2022

Best Wheels for Cement Floors

When it comes to industrial work and warehousing, there is no denying the value of wheels and various wheeled equipment on the job. The simple addition of these wheels can make transportation much easier, faster, and safer.However, not all wheels are made equal. As with anything we invest our hard-earned money into, we want to get premium quality materials and equipment each time. Here a…
19th Jul 2022

Best Industrial Hand Trucks for Stairs

Hand trucks are underrated pieces of equipment that contribute a lot to the production floor. For things that can’t be moved using conveyor belts or large forklifts, these simple machines become the go-to solution. It’s a common and versatile material-handling tool for a variety of tasks, so you’ll want the best one for maximum efficiency.So, what makes a hand truck a reliable tool for mater…
19th Jul 2022

Largest Casters Ever Made

When we think of casters, we usually picture small ones no bigger than three inches. This is common for light-duty casters like the ones used for office chairs, work tables, and some carts or hand trucks. Most solutions for industrial businesses are medium-duty casters and heavy duty casters.Not all casters are around that size range, though. There are also extra heavy-duty casters, which inc…
22nd Jun 2022

Finding the Right Custom Caster Wheels

Caster wheels are not just a simple accessory. When it comes to building a new custom piece of furniture, they play a vital role in ensuring that your product will be both safe and functional. However, choosing the correct caster wheel for your project can be difficult.Not all caster wheels are created equal. Due to their diverse purposes and benefits, not every caster wheel will function th…