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20th Apr 2021

USA vs. Imported Casters

USA vs. Imported CastersCasters allow for efficient transportation of large items and are commonly used on furniture and equipment. Its roller mechanism has improved over the years in terms of durability, material, and function. A broken or malfunctioning caster can lead to tedious times.Casters give mobility to otherwise immobile items. It helps many establishments, industries, and businesse…
20th Apr 2021

Swivel vs. Rigid Casters - What Caster Is Right for Your Application?

Swivel Vs. Rigid CastersCasters are available in different materials, sizes, capacities, and designs. No matter how you’re planning to use your casters, there’s one out there that fits your project. For many people, the choice boils down to one question: should you get a swivel caster or rigid caster?The answer depends on several factors such as the space you’re working in, the frequency of us…
20th Apr 2021

​Different Types of Brakes for Locking Casters

Different Types of Brakes for Locking CastersEquipment such as racks, carts, and worktables often come with heavy-duty locking casters to help with transportation. Locking casters keep these fixtures steady while they’re being used or loaded, so they won’t unexpectedly roll away and cause injuries or property damage. Before choosing a heavy-duty caster with brakes for your project or business, you…
8th Apr 2021

​Choosing the Right Heavy Duty Caster. Are They Strong Enough?

Choosing the Right Heavy Duty Caster. Are They Strong Enough?If you operate in the industrial, medical, or commercial industry, you’ll know how challenging it is to move heavy equipment and machinery from one location to another. Aside from being time-consuming, this task can put your employees’ health and safety at risk. One of the smartest investments you can make as an entrepreneur is to buy a…