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24th Aug 2022

Best Casters for Wet Floors

It’s no secret that wet floors can be dangerous. Slips and falls are too common in areas where water or other liquids are present, which is why choosing the right caster wheels for wet floors is important.For example, in manufacturing or distribution settings, caster wheels constantly come into contact with water or other liquids. And in hospitality settings, kitchens and bathrooms can be espe…
24th Aug 2022

Best Casters for Extremely Cold Environments

Casters are used in all sorts of environments — including those with low temperatures. From carts in areas with single digit temperatures and lots of snow to dollies used for transporting food to cold storage areas, there are many instances where casters are exposed to the cold.However, not all types of casters function well in extremely cold environments. Certain materials perform better, whi…
24th Aug 2022

Best Casters for Hot Temperatures

As a business owner, having reliable caster wheels to transport heavy products is essential to ensure smooth daily operations.When choosing caster wheels, there are several factors to consider, including the material of the casters, the size of the wheels, the capacity or weight limit, the design, safety, and ergonomic features. Besides these critical components, there’s also a crucial factor…
19th Jul 2022

Best Wheels for Cement Floors

When it comes to industrial work and warehousing, there is no denying the value of wheels and various wheeled equipment on the job. The simple addition of these wheels can make transportation much easier, faster, and safer.However, not all wheels are made equal. As with anything we invest our hard-earned money into, we want to get premium quality materials and equipment each time. Here a…