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8th Apr 2021

​Choosing the Right Heavy Duty Caster. Are They Strong Enough?

Choosing the Right Heavy Duty Caster. Are They Strong Enough?If you operate in the industrial, medical, or commercial industry, you’ll know how challenging it is to move heavy equipment and machinery from one location to another. Aside from being time-consuming, this task can put your employees’ health and safety at risk. One of the smartest investments you can make as an entrepreneur is to buy a…
8th Apr 2021

What Makes a Great Furniture Caster Wheel

What Makes a Great Furniture Caster WheelCaster wheels are sometimes one of those things that are so important and valuable, you don’t even realize it. In a few minutes, you can make your sofa, table, or even dresser mobile. All you need is to get your trusty screwdriver, attach a set of furniture caster wheels, and you are done.With caster wheels installed, you can easily reconfigure your h…
8th Apr 2021

The Differences Between Rubber and Polyurethane Wheels

Differences Between Rubber & Polyurethane WheelsRegardless if you’re a manufacturing or industrial customer, moving heavy and bulky equipment from one location to another can become a burden. Without the right tools, this task will seem impossible to accomplish and might even cause injuries and accidents. Fortunately, the probability of these occurrences from happening will decrease when…
21st Jan 2021

Types of Brakes to Consider in Locking Casters

Types of Brakes to Consider in Locking CastersCasters incorporate a number of features and this is what makes them better than simple wheels. Among such features include braking and locking mechanisms. In casters, the terms brakes and locks are used interchangeably and actually refer to stopping the wheel, the swivel, or both. The casters which incorporate either one of these mechanisms are…