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19th Jul 2021

Work Quickly and Safely with an Industrial Cart | LINCO Casters & Industrial Supply

Work Quickly and Safely with an Industrial CartHeavy-duty industrial carts are a must for every industrial sector. Industrial carts minimize injuries when workers move heavy loads, making it easier for them to remain productive at work. These are just some of the reasons why businesses should invest in different LINCO industrial carts.LINCO offers many different types of industrial carts, an…
19th Jul 2021

​Adjustable Leveling Casters – How Do They Work?| LINCO Casters & Industrial Supply

Adjustable Leveling Casters – How Do They Work?Are you looking for a way to move around heavy equipment? Are you also looking for a way to stabilize them in place at the appropriate height?You can do both with a set of adjustable leveling casters! Leveling casters are a solution for moving around heavy equipment. With leveling casters, you can also ensure that your heavy equipment not only sta…
19th Jul 2021

Easily Transport Heavy Items Smoothly with the Right Caster | LINCO Casters & Industrial Supply

Easily Transport Heavy Items Smoothly with the Right CasterLINCO casters are available in different styles, designs, and materials. While they may all have the same function, choosing the right caster can make work far easier. Each caster has a specific purpose that allows it to work within varying conditions. Some are better for indoor spaces, while others work best in industrial sites.Knowin…
14th Jun 2021

​The Benefits of Polyurethane Wheels | LINCO Casters & Industrial Supply

The Benefits of Polyurethane WheelsPolyurethane is the ideal material to absorb shock while providing durability. It can withstand high speeds and heavier weights more than any other wheel material. It also reduces noises, so you can expect to use these wheels without any hassle for long periods. Polyurethane wheels provide the most benefits to those using them for transport.The Composition of…