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The pharmaceutical industry needs equipment with easy mobility and maneuverability while maintaining a sterile environment. LINCO manufactures and distributes casters that offer a wide range of uses and applications, allowing companies within the pharmaceutical industry to meet their production and service needs.

Any setting in the pharmaceutical industry relies on clean, safe, and stable tools. Your time, safety, and convenience matter when you move medical supplies, drugs, components, and other materials. As a top pharmaceutical caster manufacturer, we work hard to provide you with effective and efficient solutions that meet these demands!

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LINCO: Your Trusted Pharmaceutical Caster Company

We help your pharmaceutical business with our specialized casters, from medical to industrial and laboratory settings. Our stainless steel casters are popular for pharmaceutical applications. Choose us are your pharmaceutical caster company today.

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Durability and Longevity

As a professional laboratory caster manufacturer, our casters are designed for first-rate durability and longevity, ensuring they withstand even the most rigorous demands of the industry. Using stainless steel in many of the caster choices, we can guarantee no rusting even after exposure to harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures, or other environmental factors.

Hygienic Solutions

As laboratory caster suppliers, we understand that the pharmaceutical industry has strict hygiene standards, so every caster we manufacture is made from easy-to-clean-and-maintain materials with smooth surfaces that prevent dirt and grime buildup. We offer anti-microbial casters designed to minimize cross-contamination risk in sensitive applications. Wherever our casters roll, you can be sure that they’re helping maintain the highest standards of hygiene.

Custom Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Your pharmaceutical business may have unique caster preferences beyond durability and hygiene. LINCO offers custom solutions tailored to your needs, allowing you to get the exact caster for your applications. Our engineers and designers will work with you to develop custom casters that meet all safety, performance, and aesthetic requirements.

Choose LINCO as Your Laboratory Caster Manufacturer

Since 1974, We have supported companies in various industries with our top-quality casters that guarantee superior performance and agility. We offer an extensive selection of casters to provide secure, reliable, and cost-effective solutions with minimal maintenance or downtime.

LINCO puts much emphasis on quality when producing casters for the pharmaceutical industry. We understand the industry’s demands, and our casters are built to enhance your operations. They work for your staff, customers, and patients, leaving no room for delays, accidents, and contamination.

Your people trust you to provide the best medicines and treatments, so choose LINCO as your pharmaceutical caster distributor.Contact us today!

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