How to Use a Hand Truck on Stairs

Are you looking to learn how to use a hand truck on stairs?

Hand trucks are an essential tool that can be invaluable for delivery companies that need to move bulky or heavy items up and down stairways. They’re excellent for transporting large and unwieldy items on the stairs or over steps and curbs.

These hand trucks are fitted with a set of three wheels on three spindles. Each of these wheels has its own axle and can spin independently. Furthermore, two three-wheel arrangements are situated on either side of a central axle, wherein the center part is attached.

As a hand truck is typically pushed on a flat surface, two of its three wheels fall to naturally provide mobility. The third one just sits above remaining unused. This allows stair-climbing hand trucks to be very versatile, as they can be used for ascending and descending stairs while also for normal transportation.

How To Use a Stair-Climbing Hand Truck

The first thing you need to do is to stack and place the load on the center of the hand truck. Make sure that you’re not exceeding the maximum weight it can carry. The load should be evenly distributed and then secured with straps that are attached to the hand truck.

Next, slowly angle the hand truck while you keep the load steady. You can then walk it to the base or top of the stairs. Hand trucks that are equipped with plastic glide strips at the back can be used to glide up or down the lip of the stairway.

Make sure you keep your head up to avoid neck strain and avoid looking down at the load. Rather, use the gliders on the hand truck to slide the load as you pull it up or push it down one at a time on each step.

Improved Efficiency

Stair-climbing hand trucks are the best choice for transporting heavy loads that need to be brought either up or down a stairway. Delivery companies that encounter stairs regularly when making deliveries should consider purchasing stair-climbing hand trucks for the ease and convenience they offer.

Your staff will be able to accomplish their deliveries faster and more efficiently while being less fatigued by the end of the day. They also help to prevent injuries that are usually sustained by using force to lift heavy loads manually. Although effort is still needed to carry items using a stair-climbing hand truck, minimal energy is required because of the convenience that the equipment provides.

For those who need to deliver heavy items through stairways, a stair-climbing hand truck is a no-brainer to use nowadays. These types of hand trucks are ideal for couriers or delivery agencies. They can be very useful for home moving as well.

It’s not hard to imagine how much easier it’s going to be to move heavy items with the help of a hand truck compared to using conventional equipment or even worse, by hand.

By learning how to use a hand truck down stairs, you can shift the heavy-lifting work to the equipment itself, and away from yourself and others. The effort normally required to deliver bulky items is significantly lowered.

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