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Those who work in the entertainment or theatre world will find that LINCO studio carts are a must. Our studio carts are designed specifically with the theatre in mind and can carry anything from lighting equipment to costumes to props. Our grip carts come in multiple sizes to accommodate various sized and shaped equipment as well withstand a wide range of weight loads. Our production carts are unique in the ability to transform into a two shelf stocking cart, a single platform platform truck, or a two wheel hand truck. This versality makes grip carts the ultimate hybrid cart that is useful in not only a theatre setting, but also useful in a warehouse or distribution center. Each of our LINCO studio carts come with very large and oversized wheels to ensure that they can hold up any weight cargo.

B&P Junior Studio Cart

Jr. Convertible Studio Cart with 30" Folding Nose Exclusive FeaturesCompact design allows for easy storage. Black powder coated side/swivel tubes help to eliminate sticking when changing positions.  Standard 18" x 7.5" extruded aluminum nose...

B&P Senior Studio Cart

Sr. Convertible Studio Cart with 30" Folding Nose Specifications: Standard cart has a swing arm, casters, and a 30" folding nose.18" x 7.5" Extruded aluminum nose plate.Optional 18" and 24" shelves, can mix and match.Optional Heavy Duty 8" wheel kit...
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