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Need wheels for medium to heavy duty applications? Solid elastomer wheels are perfect for you. These wheels are capable of withstanding shock loads and abusive conditions and are ideal for continuous use applications.  We are specialized in providing top grade casters and wheels and elastomer wheels are strong and easy to roll under the heaviest loads.  They have grown in popularity because of their durability.  The best part is that these wheels resist all chemicals, greases, oils, solvents, and other compounds which attack mostly the molded plastic or rubber wheels. Isn’t it worth to find perfect way to keep the equipment rolling even under the most demanding conditions? The good heat and cold resistance of elastomer makes it a great option for maximum performance within a wide temperature range.  Elastomer wheels, often referred to as thermoplastic rubber wheels or tpr wheels, are a great choice.  They have other benefits including less noise, shock absorber and cushioned ride on uneven surface.

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