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Glass Manufacturing Caster Manufacturer

As a glass manufacturing caster manufacturer, we produce robust chrome and steel industrial casters that can easily be installed in carts, trolleys, and glide racks. These wheels can securely hold and move heavy glass panels. This eliminates the need to manually transport the panels and the risk of breakage and injury.

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A Reliable Glass Handling Wheel Manufacturer

Due to the delicate nature of the cargo they carry, casters for glass handling carts need to withstand high temperatures and roll smoothly. Thus, we at LINCO ensure that the mount, axle bolts, wheel bearings, and other mechanical components that go into each caster are top-quality.

As a glass handling wheel manufacturer, we use advanced equipment like pneumatic presses and impact guns to facilitate fast and precise caster assembly. Before being sent out for delivery, our technicians likewise inspect and test the casters to ensure that they can accommodate your desired load and safety requirements.

Custom Caster Fabrication

LINCO makes custom casters for clients who use non-standard or specialty platforms. Our technicians will assess the specifications you submit. From there, they will determine the right wheel rating, height range, plate size, mount type, and other variables to incorporate into your casters.

As a glass manufacturing caster company with almost 50 years of experience, we have mastered the craft of custom caster fabrication and can assure you that we’ll either meet or exceed your expectations.

Global Shipping

As experienced glass handling caster distributors, we understand that glass handling cart manufacturers often find it difficult to source high-quality casters due to suppliers’ limited delivery range. To address this issue, we offer global shipping. Whether you live in the U.S. or on the other side of the world, you can receive our products. In the unlikely event that you receive damaged casters, we also have product exchange, return, and refund options.

Choose LINCO as Your Glass Handling Caster Distributor Today

If you want accessible and reliable casters and wheels, look no further than LINCO. Let us be your glass manufacturing wheel supplier.Contact us today at (866) 306 9566 or visit our site to order and learn more about our products.

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