Will Casters Damage Laminate Flooring?

Will Casters Damage Laminate Flooring? 

Scratches on laminate flooring can have a negative effect on the overall appearance of a home or office. A major cause for such damages is when items are slid across the floor. To prevent this problem, most people replace utilize casters that are specifically for laminate flooring. 

A great thing about using these wheels is that they are designed to be applied on sensitive floors (like laminate flooring). They are usually made from rubber instead of plastic, which means that they do not leave marks on these expensive floors in a way that plastic wheels can. 

Apart from that, these casters glide easily over laminate flooring. Unlike standard plastic wheels, these rubber casters make little to no sound when the item it is carrying is being moved. 

Damage Prevention 

As mentioned earlier, special casters allow people to move items easily from one place to another without any damage to laminate flooring. Here are a few examples of ways that scuffs and other damage marks can be avoided by using casters.   

Improved Mobility 

One of the most obvious benefits of using casters is the ease of moving certain equipment. They not only help save time, but they also save on energy expenditure as well. But how is this related to floor damage? 

People who need to move heavy items with casters do not get exhausted or injured as easily as people who don’t use them. The absence of exhaustion or injury lessens any damage that can be inflicted on a floor from dropped items. For example, a swivel caster allows a person to move things in any direction. Gone are the days of turning too sharply to move a bulky item, only to drop it roughly onto the floor. 

Casters Are Versatile 

Another advantage of using casters is the wide range of choices available. These products come in various sizes and materials to accommodate almost any situation. 

For instance, plate casters allow transportation of heavy loads while swivel casters make it easier to move office chairs and shopping carts. Some materials are also more suitable for high temperatures, transporting fragile items, and working near chemicals. It’s important to use a caster that is properly suited for the intended project to reduce damage-causing accidents.  

Heavy Duty Capability 

Certain types of casters are specially made for industrial applications. Such casters are capable of handling up to 100,000 pounds of weight and are made to last a long time. 

Heavy duty casters can support a large quantity of equipment while reducing the resistance to facilitate movement. They make it easier to control the movement of heavier objects, reducing the possibility of damaging floors. 


So will casters damage laminate flooring? The answer is no, if you have the right kind. Rather, these items help protect laminate floors from scratches caused by plastic wheels or wheels made from inferior quality materials. That is why businesses need to use the right types of casters for their needs to prevent damage to their laminate floors. 

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