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When it comes to the hospitality industry, efficient mobility is the key to seamless operations. Since 1974, LINCO has been supplying casters and wheels to various hotels, amusement parks, resorts, and restaurants. Our experience, coupled with our robust manufacturing and distribution processes, make us an industry-leading hospitality caster manufacturer.Contact us at (866) 306 9566 so we can build the perfect caster solutions for you.

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Expert Site Assessments for Tailored Solutions

As a hotel caster supplier, we understand that every hospitality establishment has unique requirements. That’s why we go the extra mile by providing on-site experts who can assess your facility and offer tailored solutions.

Our experts will closely evaluate your facility’s layout, taking into account factors such as floor surfaces, space constraints, traffic patterns, and specific operational requirements. Then, we will inquire about your mobility goals and address any pain points or inefficiencies you are experiencing.

By evaluating your facility’s layout and objectives, we can recommend the ideal caster solutions that optimize mobility, improve productivity, and streamline your operations.

Hotel Caster Supplier With Versatile Products

From kitchen carts to room service trolleys and cleaning equipment, hospitality carts play a vital role in ensuring a smooth workflow. As a hospitality wheel distributor, we offer a diverse selection of casters for the hospitality industry.

Our solutions are built to withstand heavy-duty usage and provide exceptional maneuverability, ensuring that your carts can easily navigate through different areas of your establishment. With LINCO’s casters, you can enhance efficiency and enable your staff to deliver exceptional service and experiences to your guests.

Reliable Solutions for Food Service Applications

In the fast-paced world of food service, reliability is paramount. As a hospitality caster company, we know the critical importance of casters for food carts, beverage trolleys, and buffet stations. Our casters are specifically engineered to meet the stringent demands of food service applications. With LINCO casters, you can rely on smooth, effortless mobility, ensuring efficient food delivery, service, and operations within your hospitality establishment.

LINCO: Your Hospitality Caster Company

LINCO is your trusted hotel wheel manufacturer. With our commitment to tailored solutions, on-site expertise, and a comprehensive range of casters for various hospitality carts and food service applications, we can elevate your mobility and operations.Contact LINCO today at (866) 306 9566 or visit our website so we can provide you with the perfect caster solutions to propel your hospitality business forward.

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