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Convertible hand trucks uniquely blend functionality with versatility. Convertible hand trucks have the ability to serve as either a two-wheel dolly or a four-wheel cart in a matter of seconds. If convertible hand trucks sound like a hybrid system you might like LINCO has you covered. Any consumer or manager is sure to find something they are looking for with our unique selection of folding hand trucks. Convertible hand trucks work in that in their default position they serve as traditional two-wheel hand truck, but with the release of a latch of repositioning of a pin it instantly converts into a four-wheel cart.

2-in-1 Aluminum Convertible Hand Truck

This 2-in-1 Aluminum Convertible Hand Truck converts instantly from hand truck to platform truck.‚Äč The aluminum hand truck construction is lightweight, high strength and durable. Large 18 x 7.5" aluminum nose plate can accept heavy loads easily...

Junior convertible with 10" pneumatic wheels

All Liberator convertibles feature heavy duty components and 4 sided cross members, assembled with aircraft grade rivets. Provide the highest capacity and longest life, guaranteed.500 lbs. capacity in upright position and 1,000 lbs. in lay down.Cross...
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