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Ships and other types of marine vessels may be designed for transportation across water, but they still rely on wheels for transport during and after the manufacturing process. Casters are widely used in the industry — from boat trailers to work carts and equipment for use during boat maintenance.

As a best-in-class marine caster manufacturer, we offer unparalleled quality for casters of all types and sizes. Our casters are designed to meet all the unique needs in the industry to help ensure safety, efficiency, and ease of movement.

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Your Trusted Marine Caster Company

LINCO has been the preferred marine caster company of many ship and boat manufacturers for many years. This is not only due to the superior quality of our products but also due to the expert solutions we offer. Our casters are designed to help ensure workplace safety, boost productivity, and solve the common challenges the industry faces concerning caster wheels.

Extreme Load Solutions

LINCO casters are designed to carry extremely heavy loads without breaking or faltering. The large weight capacities of our casters allow for smoother transport of boats or ship parts. Smoother rolling can help prevent accidents that may lead to cracked decks, damaged hulls, and other unfortunate consequences. Moreover, it also helps ensure the safety of the workers transporting the boats and equipment.

Movement and Maneuvering Solutions

Our casters are not just capable of taking on heavy loads — they are able to do so while maintaining ease of movement and maneuverability. As a boat caster manufacturer, we design our solutions to have low rolling resistance to make them easier to maneuver even without exerting extreme force. Our specifically chosen materials also help ensure the smooth rolling of wheels, even through humid environments.

Durability Solutions

As a professional boat caster supplier, we use a variety of materials — from stainless steel and polyolefin to polyurethane and thermoplastic rubber — to prevent rust and corrosion. Thanks to that, our casters can be used over a longer period without compromising their efficiency and ease of use.

Choose LINCO as Your Boat Caster Manufacturer Today

As experienced ship caster distributors, we understand that not all our clients have the same needs — even if they operate in the same industry. That is why we offer specialty casters and custom fabrication solutions.

Clients have the option to fully customize their casters, choosing and fine-tuning everything from the materials to the mount type and much more.

Contact LINCO today to learn more about our custom solutions.

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