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This is good – industrial is used interchangeably with heavy duty by the layperson

At LINCO, we produce high-quality casters to carry heavy loads and last for years. Our casters come in various sizes and capacities, so you can be sure you’ll find the perfect one for your application. As an industry-leading industrial caster manufacturer since 1974, we have manufactured and distributed solutions that top companies love and trust. Browse our selection of casters and experience the perfect combination of strength, reliability, and ease.

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Industrial Caster Suppliers With Heavy-duty Solutions

Most industries require equipment that can perform heavy lifting, but doing that doesn’t have to be a challenge. As a heavy-duty industrial caster manufacturer, we make it easy to carry and transport massive loads with our range of specialized casters. We engineer our casters to be strong enough to handle the most demanding jobs and provide a smooth ride even on the toughest terrain.

Using the best quality materials and precision engineering, we fabricate our casters to carry extreme loads without sacrificing performance or quality. We use our caster ourselves, so we design, create, and test them to ensure ultimate efficiency and years of fail-free use. When you use our casters, you’ll know you’re using the best of the best.

Superior Caster Wheel Construction

As industrial wheel manufacturers, we believe that caster wheels are the foundation of any caster. We carefully construct our wheels with top-grade materials, ensuring your load rolls securely. We always select the best iron, aluminum, polyurethane, rubber, and other materials to craft our caster wheel products.

Our high-quality caster wheels can reduce vibration, minimize noise levels, increase stability, and operate smoothly across any terrain. Our caster wheels can endure intense friction and continuous wear and tear without deteriorating.

Curated to Your Rigorous Industrial Needs

As an industrial caster company, we understand that caster needs are as diverse as the industries that use them. We offer customization options and various sizes, thicknesses, and styles to ensure they meet your specifications and needs.

Let us know what you need, and we can make it happen. From simple trips around the warehouse to transporting heavy material in a factory, LINCO casters can do it all.

Choose Us as Your Industrial Caster Company Today

As professional industrial caster suppliers, we can help you streamline your operations with high-quality solutions. Choose from our trusted caster solutions and enjoy superior performance, reliability, and longevity.

Contact us today and experience the LINCO difference.

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