Is Caster Load Capacity Per Wheel?

Is Caster Load Capacity Per Wheel?

Caster load capacity is typically listed per wheel unless the company chooses the specify the total capacity for a set instead. If they don't specify, they usually mean capacity per wheel.

Capacity is listed per wheel for you to see each piece individually and make the right choice for your project or task.

Sometimes, caster providers list the combined load capacity depending on the type of caster and its application. But most often, it’s individual.

If you’re unsure of the caster you’re interested in, always refer to the specification sheet of the product, or better yet contact caster experts.

Various Load Capacities

Casters and wheels vary in their load capacities. Also, different applications require casters and wheels with specific load capacities.

For example, applications requiring heavy loads will require heavy-duty casters and wheels.

Light Duty Casters

Light duty casters are designed for use in environments where the floors are usually clean, such as offices and homes, rather than in commercial or industrial areas where equipment and furniture are moved across rough surfaces.

They are the perfect solution for moving chairs, desks, and appliances across smooth surfaces. Their load-capacity ratings range from around 80 pounds to 150 pounds.

Medium Duty Casters

Medium duty casters offer a new level of versatility. They can carry loads up to around 300 pounds, making them the perfect fit for moderately-heavy equipment, medical carts, and hospital beds.

These medium-duty casters are designed to handle moderately heavy loads while maintaining quality and durability. There is a variety of them, such as swivel casters, solid plastic molded, and standard casters.

Heavy Duty Casters

When it comes to heavy-duty medical and industrial types of machinery like medical equipment, computers, and other large equipment, heavy-duty casters are the best choice. They are typically designed to handle loads over 600 pounds, with some able to handle tons.

Heavy-duty casters are typically mounted under desks, patient beds, and heavy equipment for easy mobility. These casters are designed to withstand large amounts of weight and force.

Testing for Casters

Caster load capacity testing is the most important element of our quality control process. We make sure that all products are adaptable to the caster range standards and are durable.

Casters and wheels are checked for workmanship before and after the production process. This procedure is repeated three times, by a manager, foreman, and inspector.

Using our careful methodology and expert engineering, we continually assess all competitive products to ensure our clients receive nothing but the very best in design and value.

In addition to automated and actual tests, each of our equipment undergoes an additional checking process before it is sent to you.

Choose the Right Caster for Your Application

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