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The distribution and logistics industry is a fast-paced and ever-evolving sector. With the demand for more efficient and cost-effective supply chain operations, businesses need reliable and durable caster solutions to improve performance. That’s why a distribution caster manufacturer like LINCO is the ideal partner for distribution and logistics companies.

Since 1974, LINCO has been the prime manufacturer and distributor of top-of-the-line casters that meet demanding distribution and logistics needs. Our robust, heavy-duty products can last through challenging conditions and harsh environments, ensuring smooth operations and reducing expensive downtimes.

As a logistics caster distributor we have a wide selection of casters and wheels. Browse our products today to find the perfect solutions for your operations.

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Superior-quality Casters

Caster wheels are the backbone of distribution and logistics operations. That’s why we produce reliable casters that can carry substantial loads and offer superior mobility. With our caster wheels, you can effortlessly move large bins and containers across surfaces.

We use only top-grade materials to manufacture sturdy and long-lasting casters that deliver maximum efficiency even under the most demanding workloads. Trust that our heavy-duty casters can handle whatever you throw at them, so you don’t have to worry about frequent replacements or costly repairs.

Warehouse Caster Supplier With Durable Solutions

As a warehouse caster supplier, we understand that wheels are arguably the most vulnerable component of a warehouse cart, as they take on a brutal amount of pressure and friction. That’s why we fabricate premium wheels that can take on rigorous everyday operations.

Our solutions can resist wear and tear from heavy loads, preventing damage and troublesome downtime. We create our caster wheels with specialized materials to increase their lifespan, maximize wheel traction, and reduce friction resistance.

Ergonomic Casters for Safety and Productivity

We are an experienced distribution caster company, so strength and durability are not the only criteria we take into consideration when producing casters. For a demanding industry like distribution and logistics — where speed and efficiency are crucial — we also offer ergonomic casters for mission-critical towing applications.

From larger wheels and extended leads to rebound-resilient polyurethane wheels and roller bearings, LINCO produces a variety of casters that are all ergonomically designed. The focus on ergonomics helps reduce accidents and injuries — which, in turn, helps boost worker safety and productivity by contributing to smoother workflows.

Request a Quote From a Leading Logistics Caster Manufacturer

For a stress-free distribution and logistics operation, trust LINCO to provide the highest quality caster solutions. Our custom casters and wheels offer maximum load capacities, high stability, and superb mobility, ensuring that operations run without hiccups.

We also offer customized casters in various thicknesses, sizes, and materials to fit the unique needs of your operations. Whether you need a specialized load capacity, material, or size, we have you covered. 

Contact us today for a free quote from an industry leading logistics caster manufacturer.

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