Will Casters Damage Hardwood Floors?

Will Caster Damage Hardwood Floors?

Some casters will damage hardwood floors while others will not. The answer to this lies in the type of caster and how much weight it carries. Having the right casters on the right objects is one of the keys to protecting your hardwood floors.

Light Furnishings

A lot of furniture that comes with caster wheels are not designed with protecting your floor in mind. Even office chairs are prone to creating scratches and floor damage if the wheels come into contact with hardwood. If you can replace reinstalled casters, the best replacement option would be to use nylon casters. They work well with various types of furniture such as:

  •       Chairs
  •       Tables
  •       Desks

Nylon casters are often polished, so they also work on marble and granite floors. They are also one of the more affordable varieties, so it’s an optimal choice for those staying within a tight budget.

Another alternative is hard urethane casters. These are almost indistinguishable from the nylon versions. The benefit that urethane has is that it is softer and offers more protection for your floor. They also have a longer lifespan which will save you more money in the long run. We often recommend these casters for lighter items.

Heavy Furnishings

For items weighing 100 pounds or more, the casters for lighter objects won’t do. Polyurethane-coated casters are a better option for these objects. These wheels have metal material with a polyurethane coating that ensures it interacts with the floor smoothly. The exterior design does less damage to the floor while also making the object easier to move around.

Many consider neoprene rubber to be the best caster wheel option for heavy items. The difference with these rubber wheels lies in the density, making it one of the most customizable caster wheels available. They are also available in various styles, allowing you to match the wheels to different aesthetics.

Hardwood Casters

Hardwood casters are a good option for lighter objects like a chair. They are readily available and easy to install. These casters were designed with hardwood floors in mind, reducing impact and scratches as they roll across the floor. It is one of the most cost-effective options that will help prevent any costly flooring replacements later on. However, these types of casters do not work well with mats and rugs.

Additional Protection for Hardwood Floors

Aside from having the right casters, there are other items you can use for an added buffer against scratches and direct contact. Area rugs are a solid cushion that you can place underneath a table or chair to reduce any movement damage. These rugs prevent friction and are an inexpensive way to add a layer of protection to your floor. 

An alternative would be furniture pads which consist of rubber or cork. They are soft and protect the floor well. However, it is not easy to move a chair around with these pads. Felt is the best material for a furniture pad if you want more movement. You can also opt for adhesive pads that stick to the bottom of the legs of your chair.

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