What Is the Difference Between Wheels and Casters?

Do you know the difference between wheels and casters?

Many people are confused about the difference between a wheel and a caster. Some people think that they are interchangeable, but this isn't true. While every caster has a wheel, not every wheel is a caster.

LINCO has created a simple blog that will help you learn the differences between wheels and casters so you can determine what you should be looking for.

What Is the Difference Between Wheels and Casters?


Wheels are round, cylindrical objects that rotate on an axle. They are designed to carry heavy loads over smooth, hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt roads, office hallways, and factory floors. For example, a large industrial appliance could have wheels to make it easy to transport from one location to another. Items are considered to have wheels when they are built into the object.


Casters generally have a single wheel mounted to a mounting mechanism. That mounting mechanism is then attached to the item. Whether the mounting mechanism is a top plate, or a stem doesn’t matter. All casters must be mountable. Casters are usually attached to furniture or other heavy items. They are designed to roll, or move easily with loads across surfaces like concrete, tile, or even carpet flooring. They sometimes have a braking system that prevents the object being from moving when you want it to remain still. For example, office chairs typically have casters that allow them to glide along carpeted floors.

In casters the stem or top plate attaches to the item being moved. Casters come in two main varieties, swivel and rigid. A swivel caster allows the wheel to turn and roll in any direction, while rigid casters only allow the wheel to move in one direction. Some wheels have a threaded stem with a square axle, which allows the object to remain stationary as you push or pull.
Wheels and casters have unique characteristics that make them useful in different situations. If you object can’t move already, a set of casters might be a perfect solution. If you already have a object that can move but currently can’t, you’re going to need a replacement wheel.

Choosing the Right Product

In business, choosing the right equipment matters. You should select wheels and casters based on what you need to accomplish.

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