Heavy Duty Casters (2000lbs +)

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LINCO carries heavy duty caster wheels in a range of sizes, options, and safety features. Our heavy duty casters are available from a variety of brand names to assure you that we can provide the matching replacement heavy load caster wheels with the proper size and fit for any of your creative or repair needs.  Our strong caster wheels are designed to hold loads over 1,500 pounds. Locking and non-locking heavy load casters are also available for convenience and safety purposes to insure your equipment stays in its desired space. We offer two versions of locking wheels; either top locking or total lock to accommodate your specific preference or need. Our heavy duty casters come in a variety of materials including polyolefin, polyurethane, thermo-plastic rubber (TPR), solid elastomer, or steel which provide maximum strength and support for your heavy and oversized loads.

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